Please give the Guild Master the ability to see who joined their Guild

Updated December 7th 2023.

For 6 long years i helped run a guild before are guild master wanted to retire are guild was God rank and in the top 10 in global rankings but we had ups and downs people come in work a little bit and donated to the wrong guardians we want everyone to donate to. We taught them the ropes and help them. It was great! They helped and we got better and better, well every now and then someone quit and with no word at all too vanished we all are wondering why they quit? And we recruit new ones. New recruits came in said “Hello glad to be here i do my best to help out” and did nothing for 3 weeks no communication no work at all so we give a warning and told them we boot those that don’t help. Well so we booted those who never helped we figured they tried to just get free rewards. And same thing repeats high level members come and go with no work to show for it people change names and try to be different change their evil ways I get that. But here is my idea to help all guilds everywhere. Give the guild master the ability to see who joined their guild and who that person was before they changed their name.

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AFAIK, if you kick a member, they can’t join again without an invite, even if you have “invite only” disabled for the guild. So it’s up to you to not invite people who you know will not be contributing :wink:


Good to know, because we’ve had that feeling about someone joining again after few months, so it’s just our imagination :joy: But there are a lot of those who join and do absolutely nothing, You look at their high levels and hope, but after a week they are kicked out for doing zero… It feels like they just look for a peaceful resting place until they maybe one day rise from the dead…

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As @mitamata said, anyone who gets kicked can’t rejoin unless they’re explicitly invited back.

Some games have limits though like only joining one guild a day. I am not opposed to something like that, though not sure if it would help beyond the satisfaction feeling for GMs.

The main thing I’d like to see is fixing the chat connection. Mobile has an issue where chat constantly disconnects. Way too many people have said something like, “hey! Joined a while ago, thought chat was dead, nope apparently I just have to keep reconnecting???” I personally reconnect at least a dozen times per day. New players likely aren’t aware they need to do that.

Three weeks, you are nice. Here’s my rules:
-Brand new player joined goes MIA for 3 days, kick.
-Player has been in the guild for a while, but is MIA 1 week, kick.
-Player just joined but their profile shows last played a few days ago (or months… I don’t understand who these people are), they get a couple hours then kick.
-Zero event participation by Sunday morning, kick. Those people aren’t even bothering to see what guilds do.

I run a casual guild by the way. I don’t think these rules are strict. You can probably be tougher than 3 weeks MIA.


Lol. I was playing GoW, then took a break by coming to the forums, typed up my last response, and then back to GoW. Chat disconnected in that timeframe.

Despite being a GM, apparently I don’t gave a guild! :rofl:

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Lol thanks for telling me in the future i will do that if i own a guild. :slight_smile:

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*it feels like they just look for a peaceful rest place until they maybe one day rise from the dead" :joy: yes i feels just like that :rofl: