In-game recruitment section

Hi all,
I think it could be helpful if the guilds could find in-game the players to recruit and the same for lonely players.
Now all the players/guild that are searching, are using GOW forum but I think it could be better if all the search could be done into the game and not on the forum. Maybe this could also avoid to be submerged of mails/messages of people/guilds that are searching players.
Let’s explain well:
-guild search
Into the game you can put a section where all the guild with less than 30 players are automatically shown.
A description (written by the guild master and that could be changed if needed) shows the name of the guild and what are the guild requirement to be accepted.
If a player would like to join, can click on the guild and ask for recruitment (possible also leaving a message to explain why it’s a goods choice for the recruitment)
The guild master can accept or deny recruitment only clicking YES or NO (possible leaving a message)
If the recruitment request is accepted the player became a member of the guild and, if the guild has filled all the spaces, will not be longer shown in this section. If the recruitment is denied, the player who asked will receive in-game a “deny message”
-lonely player search
Into the game you can put a section where all the players without a guild are automatically shown (name+level)
Each player can write a description to explain why he could be a good choice for a guild
If a guild master is searching for players, he can see who are the gamers that are looking for an home and invite them to join his guild only clicking an invite button.
If the player will accept the invite, he will join the guild. If he will not accept, the guild master who asked, will receive in-game a “deny message”.

Hope this will be an idea for next update.
See you.


I’d like to see this or anything that could help with recruiting.

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Some guilds (not mine) recruit in advance because they know people will be going on vacation next week. That wouldn’t allow them to get into the searching for members area if they don’t remove the current player until Sunday night.

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I agree there should be some kind of method for in-game recruitment and i have a suggestion.

Every time i load up the game i get a pop up telling me the weeks event info including new mythic or legendary troops ect. I also get the pop up trying to sell me a P2G bundle.

I think it would be beneficial for multiple reasons to include the info in the events pop up about joining the forums and a link to it. This will accomplish both directing people here for recruitment purposes as well as making the whole player base aware of the existence of the forums.

The membership here will undoubtedly increase dramatically and there will be feedback from a much larger portion of the playerbase. I for one played GoW for almost a year before i learned about the forums and i only found out about it because i was on global asking about upcoming traitstones when @Macawi told me how i could find this info for myself.


I have to agree with you on this, I did not know about the forums for the first year I played GOW as well, too bad we did not get this thread on the DEV Q&A this time, but for the next one we should bomb them on it


An excellent suggestion and i am all for it brudda😎