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[Request] Improved In-Game Guild Recruitment Features

With Guilds becoming more and more important to the game (first with the new Tasks and bonuses and next with Guild Wars), the Guild Recruitment section of the forums is getting crowded and will only get more so as Guild Wars approaches.

This makes it both hard for Guilds to stand out to get potential member’s attention and it makes it hard for recruits to really see what all their options are when looking for a Guild. Not to mention that the number of GoW players that visit the forums is only a small fraction of those that play the game.

@Sirrian & @Nimhain - Are there any plans to improve (well add, really) in-game recruiting? I’d love to be able to have our Guild requirements viewable and a way for potential recruits to contact us and apply in-game.

Edit: For those players trying to help us, I greatly appreciate it (you guys continue to prove what a great community we have here) but I should have noted that I’m the co-guild master in an original (almost two year old) guild currently in the top 30, so I’m not really looking for advice on how to use the current systems as they exist today; I’m hoping to hear back from the devs as to whether or not additional recruiting tools are going to be implemented within the game before Guild Wars is launched. :slight_smile:


Just getting members without invite codes is possible atm. You can change a few things in your guild for rule viewing.

I know you can let people just join your guild (or set it so they have to meet a level restriction that is currently limited to 100) but that just doesn’t cut it for active guilds. Nor is there a way to communicate your requirements before someone joins.

So neither of those solve the problem; in fact, they make it worse lol

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There is a “join by invite only” thing there. Don’t it help you somehow?

Thanks, @Amitiel but no; we already use the “join by invite only” but then have to find members via the forums. There-in lies the problem.

I should have probably mentioned we’re one of the original guilds; been around almost 2 years and in the top 30 so I’m not really looking for advice on how to use the current system (thought I very much appreciate the effort :slight_smile:) , I want to know if the devs are going to be expanding the in-game recruitment options before the forums get more untenable.

Well @ogunther, we are an old guild too, i alone, i’m in the guild for 400+ days, but the guild itself is older than that.
I use the “join by invite only” and i search for people in global chat. Seems easier for me this way and looks like a nice way to feel close to people and not be an “automatic” thing.
I mean, I tried to recruit via forum, but no one answered. Same thing via Facebook too.

I appreciate it, @Amitiel but I repeat, I’m not looking for advice on the current system. I don’t know which guild yours is nor does it really matter; for guilds looking for specific criteria from their applicants, the current in-game systems are beyond lacking. If the in game chat works for you, great but it’s not a good solution and it’ll only get worse going forward.

I could Create a Gow Community on ps4.which details this Forum.to get more people to join.if that helps.

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Can we stop asking for features until guild wars actually come? :grin:
They have been postponed for 3 patches so far let’s not make that longer :frowning:
That being said I completely agree with your idea :slight_smile:
Players should be able to click on guild names, see their members, see the requirements (in a format of information wall that can be seen when accessing guild page. Wall can be empty if the guild decides so.), join the desired guild directly (if the guild is open for joining.


I appreciate it @Moshimonsters but our guild is on PC/mobile. :slight_smile:

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Careful what you wish for; without guild recruitment tools, things are going to get way worse. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed how crowded the recruitment forum has gotten recently. Active posts get pushed down by other posts almost instantly now and it’s only getting worse.

And technically I was asking if it was already part of Guild Wars, not requesting new features. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh than I didn’t understand correctly then. And yeah it has become more crowded, most probably because of lots of new players made new guilds that are trying to rise :slight_smile:
But like I said I agree there should be improvements in that section (as long as it doesn’t postpone guild wars :stuck_out_tongue: )


You can use the guild description to list what your requirements are each week. I would like if we could view guilds that are invite only, and see their requirements, then ask if we can join through the in-game mail feature we already have, then they need only invite that player and it should have the ability to pop them out of any guild they were already in should they feel the need to leave their guild and accept the invite.

i agree some improvements in guild recruitment/management is needed:

  • recruiting system in game (to allow players to look for guild without having to have someone from within the guild to actively respond)
  • requirements notice (the note is too small to hold both: guild requirements policy + weekly occasional note!)
  • in the guild roster section the gold donation list spread separately to each color and legendary tasks (to see who actually follows guild policies and who doesnt!)

As feared, the situation is getting worse and worse. As you can see below, out of the top 30 recent Gems of Wars forum posts, over 1/3 of them (11) are guild recruitment related with 9 of those being specifically for the PC/Mobile environment (and yes, I know you can filter out topics; this isn’t about that, it’s about how the forum is becoming inadequate for good recruitment since it’s getting flooded with recruitment posts as more and more guilds come here to recruit).

@Nimhain or @Sirrian - Any chance you can give us a hint if you are including enhanced guild recruitment tools in-game with or right after Guild Wars? Thanks! :smiley:


Well i’m not requesting anything specifically, but yeah i’ve been having to mute all those topics.

It would be nice if they had their own section separately.

Don’t recruit near me please.



Maybe you mean something else, but there are separate categories for Guild Recruitment for each platform, and you can mute the entire category, separately from the Guild Chat category. From the main forum page, click the category dropdown, pick Guild Chat, and then it will add another sub-category box next to it, from which you can pick the various Guild Recruitment categories. Pick one, then click the circle on the far right side of the page, and pick the “Muted” option at the bottom. Repeat for each of the Guild Recruitment categories, and you won’t see any of those posts again, aside from the ones that people fail to categorize properly.


That was entirely too long a post for simply saying continue to mute the posts. I’ve already been muting them all.

You made it sound like you were having to mute new topics on a recurring basis, rather than muting the category once, and never seeing another guild recruitment post again. I don’t know how to interpret “It would be nice if they had their own section separately.”, other than to consider the possibility that you’re not aware that they do have their own separate category, since it’s not particularly obvious.