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Fix Guild Recruitment Issue

So what is the problem you may ask…

The problem is that it is extremely hard to not only find a guild that is active if you are a new or casual player, but if you are a Guild Leader it is even harder to recruit.

I have a few propositions that would greatly increase not only competition in the guilds, but also make finding a guild or guild members much easier.

  1. Make Guilds searchable and allow you to actually see the guild stats! (Maybe even view membership and current stats?)
  2. Create a PM system with the already existing Mail system. (I know it’s just a dream… relax)
  3. Create a Weekly or Monthly reset for a NEW Guild Ranking system that ranks the top Guilds for that time period based on their activity… I.E… Trophies! (Create Competition between the Guilds for REAL and allow players to see what guilds are active.)

Any of these things would be helpful. Basically as it sits right now people are jumping between guilds and using an OUTDATED Guild Ranking system based on the number of trophies ever earned since the game was created. Let’s be honest for a minute and admit that this ranking system is terrible and irrelevant. There are literally thousands of guilds that are doing nothing and may even be completely dead, yet are still in the top ranks. What this means is it is impossible to even claim your Guild Rank means anything at all, yet people still pretend.

Come on Nim, back me up on this.