Gems of War is boring for me so i not playing it

I played it for 6 years now and it got boring i hate the new upgrades and no one will stay long enough in guilds to make it fun 12 guardian task to complete to get a legend task 2 events a week and no one has time to even do all that sure hate me for written this i don’t care i leaving Gems of War and never coming back i not paying to play anymore and every reward is random it’s boring getting growth orbs 98% of the time. That’s not random to me it’s stupid! And ya it stupid we have to pay for weapons that do nothing amazing at all. But i not worrying when gets going to get better anymore because i never coming back lol. Yap i using my money on more fun stuff then trying to become number one on the leaderboards and getting stressed out over this worthless game.

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