Contemplating leaving gems of war

Been playing for about 5 to 6 years now but the game, even with the new content the game feels lacking. For starters the game has always given you the idea that it is possible to obtain a mythic, that is however unrealistic. The 5 to 6 years ive played from pc to ps4 never once have i recieved one. Secondly where is the motivation to continue playing? Would be nice to be able to obtain extra cards from specific kingdoms you play in, i always thought that’d be a nice feature but instead it falls back to the impossible rng… Also the mythic events should be low key not rubbed in peoples faces, maybe show players the possible to obtain events and not the impossible to obtain mythics. Seriously gems of war? 5 to 6 years… Maybe longer not a single mythic… Game feels like a lost cause. And its a shame for a game harboring so much potential

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Well first of all I find it hard to believe you dont have a mythic. As a player who has played as long as you have you could have easily crafted a mythic, saved keys to guarantee one for release, or been in a top tier guild that generates LTs that pull one every few months. I hadnt pulled a random mythic in months(maybe 5) and then in Jan i decided to save all keys and seals for new release mythics and it worked the last 3 releases in a row. I also crafted a bunch and gotten two from LTs so its def possible you just have to manage how you do it.


How have you played for 5 years with no mythic? That’s incredibly bad luck, and to some extent poor planning on your part.

With a guild that finishes its tasks (a 5-year player should be in one) and playing the dungeons daily, you get 390 diamonds per week. That takes 20 weeks to reach a mythic, but 20 weeks is less than half a year.

Also, the same guild gives you hundreds of keys in task rewards. So do the events the guild completes alongside you. At the start of this morning I had more than 5,000 glory keys and more than 2,300 gem keys. That gave me roughly a 90% chance of getting the mythic.

If you aren’t in a guild, I’m not surprised you don’t see the point. Most Gems content today assumes you are in a guild with at least 20 active members. This is not a solo game.

My first question is how does one play for 5-6 years and only come out to the forum finally for the 1st time just to announce they’re leaving the game?

2nd question is what kept you playing past 2-3 years if it all seems hopeless? Clearly something in the game has kept your attention seeing that there are thousands of other choices for entertainment out there.

Can I ask what level you are and how many tasks your guild completes each week for reference? My only guess is you’re a super casual player, just a couple hours/week. But if not then I’m stumped

So, from your post, it seems that landing a Mythic via chest drop is, or has been, your only reason for playing Gems of War.

And, I won’t list all the cool features and modes that give this match-3 puzzler crazy depth 'cause you know about all that, and it doesn’t interest you anymore. You just want that Mythic drop.

Other forum members have shared methods of better increasing your chances of acquiring one, and their advice is sound. Perhaps, your resource management/expenditure is something that needs to be reassessed. I mean, you’ve invested a lot of time into this endeavor. You should see it through.

Five years of bad RNG tho… yikes.

There has to be more to it, methinks. If you don’t mind sharing how you go about acquiring and spending your resources, we may be able to better assist.

This is true. To enjoy Gems of War to its fullest, one has to play well with others.

That being said, this treasure hunting, lone :wolf: of a peasant is quite content. Even by my lonesome, with just one game mode, I have been able to land fifteen Mythic drops. :slightly_smiling_face:

Run away. Run away and don’t look back (or if you do look back, take your time - maybe 6 months or so). I’ve been on the verge for a while - I hate the massive guild resource bias, forced PVP, terrible odds, exploders, status effects, level scaling, etc. It has taken a game annihilating bug (for which I have an outstanding support ticket to come to this, well assuming it won’t be fixed before Monday)

I’ve been playing since the game launched on the Xbox One (logging 55 days of playtime). If it weren’t for guild seals and crafting I would only have 2 (maybe 3, not sure how I got one) mythics. I agree the chances for mythics are terrible and have only gotten worse (much, much worse for a specific one). Do you remember when there were only 2 key types? I played so long because I wanted to level up the kingdoms (then they changed the rules adding useless things like pets and weapons). I have 13 kingdoms currently behind a “mythic gate”.

Enough with the guild arguments. How many guilds actually have 20 active members (5%)? If you hate PVP you would have been kicked out of many of these guilds anyway (especially the first few years). A guild seal has the essential worth of a gold chest (don’t get me started on how biased the system is - it should be 40K for a guild regardless of size, even if you cap individually at 1,500-2,000 guild seals each weekly). I see it as you getting rewarding for other people’s work (something i’m not a fan of).

This game started out as a game you could play single player. It is almost unrecognizable now.

Yeah, I agree. If you want to play this game single-player, and you don’t want to have to spend 4-6 hours per week farming gold in PvP, your progress is going to be severely stunted. I can see how that might make one angry, but that ship sailed years ago.

Don’t stick with things you don’t like. There are a lot of other distractions out there.

t(-.-t) t(-.-)t ellowell

Gow was released on Oct 2014…


I’m going to skip the pity party and say if you want to leave then go. No one cares.

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5-6 years? About time you take a break.

I paused for a year, only returned quite recently because: broken leg -> boredom and new achievements xD
In those 3 months, since I’m back, I crafted 2 mythics and got two as drop after saving up keys for weeks. Were even decent ones.

Before the forge I had bad luck too, got 2 mythic drops in that year I played and none was much of use.

yes i was going to say umm gems has not been out for 5 years yet let alone 6 xD


1st of all the game hasn’t even been out for 5-6 years 2nd a good way to obtain mythics is to save your gem glory and guild seals until the next mythic gets released then you have a much higher chance at getting the mythic. Also if getting a mythic is all that’s keeping you here then maybe it’s time for you to go. Not trying to be rude or sound like I’m telling you to just up and atam and leave.

No poor planning, ive been in alot of guilds, recieved alot of keys, even saved up gems and keys for mythic events. Would use em all at once get 1 or 2 legendarys and that’d be it. Reason ive been in alot of guilds is because they all tend to die eventually.

If you’ve been in multiple guilds that have died, it sounds like you’re still in casual guilds. Which indicates a super casual player after being a player for 4+ years. Higher end guilds have reqs like trophies & gold and I wonder if you did’nt join them because you could’nt meet them. What level are you? How many hours a week do you play? What’s your average weekly record in Guild Wars?
What was your highest hoard of gems or keys when you tried for a mythic?
Before I joined a guild I had 0 mythics at lvl 220. Now, after a couple of years, I have every mythic except Zuul.

Gosh that is really bad luck.
I have played every day from the day of release (October 2014) and have got all of the mythics and all of the weapons.

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That doesn’t explain why you aren’t using diamonds to craft mythics.

“Being in a guild” isn’t the prerequisite. “Being in an active guild” is. Finishing all of the statues is worth so many keys and so many diamonds you can’t not have a mythic after about 7 months.

I’m not trying to condescend or put you down. It’s a matter of statistics, and I’m trying to help you see that if you’ve really played for several years with no mythics, it is your guilds that have let you down. Even without a guild, the free diamonds every day convert to a mythic in ~20 weeks. There are two of those in a year. You should at minimum have two mythics unless you are not playing the 3 dungeon matches every day.

If you meet any of these criteria, you’re so outside the bounds of “an active player” I can’t calculate your odds:

  • “I don’t play the dungeons every day.”
  • “I don’t log in every day.”
  • “I play 4 or 5 matches when I log in, then go do something else for the rest of the day.”
  • “I like to play Treasure Hunt more than any other mode.”

It doesn’t make you a bad player, but it means the game isn’t designed to reward you. The game considers all of the following “an active player” and rewards these:

  • “I log in every day.”
  • “I collect at least 6 tributes.”
  • “I play some combat-oriented game mode for at least an hour daily.”
  • “I play every dungeon every day.”
  • “I am in a guild with at least 20 other active players.”
  • “My guild finishes all guild statues every week.”
  • “My guild reaches all event rewards every week.”

A player meeting those criteria has about a 50%-75% chance of getting a mythic every month, and gets enough diamonds to craft one every 3-5 months if not faster.

I’m not calling you “a casual”. All of the above is based on me looking at how rewards are given out and asking, “What’s the minimum work I’d need to do to get those rewards?” My assumption is “the minimum work needed” is what the devs consider “an active player”. Failing to meet that bar dramatically decreases the rewards you get.


I think op is just danging a troll flavored carrot in front of the rest of us


Just saying, there is no pvp in GoW. It’s just pve vs player decided teams controlled by the ai.

What’s the technical difference between rolling a pvp match and an explore on warlord 4? None.

Why would I try to play Warlord 4 (probably still easier to consistently beat than the PVP metas)? i know this isn’t about me, but since i’m still hopelessly waiting to be able to log into the game… (basically just for the achievements). Why did I keep playing a mediocre unfair game I don’t really like anymore - the achievements (and force of habit)?

So how did I actually play this:

  • It probably took my 2-3 years to level up kingdoms to level 10 (not 10 stars, level 10). I couldn’t even hope to beat dungeons until I was level 500+ (so I didn’t try, same for Pet Rescues), until I traited and leveled Yao Guai and Emporere Khorvash I stood no chance. I mostly play basic explore battles (got to trait those low level cards I did have). I played a lot of these (and I mean a lot). I’ve probably played this game more than most people here - I just didn’t play it in the way the developers try to force you to play. i never like any potential interactions with “humans” anyway

Based off of Slypenslydes guidelines. i think they are a little high/unrealistic - if that is truly what the developers think is an "active player, they are really delusional.:

  1. Log in every day - mostly (didn’t really give you much), and the log-in rewards changed
  2. Collect at least 6 tributes (so play on 6 separate hours). i collect more in 1 tribute now that i did in 3+ tributes early on. That expectation for “active player” seems unreasonable (unless they are on mobile - as a console player, not as likely)
  3. Play combat mode for an hour a day - that doesn’t actually get you much - i kind of reject this one
  4. Play every dungeon every day - many days, but these were impossible for me to win for a long time
  5. Guild with 20+ active people. Really how many of those actually exist (and if they do how long)? That is a totally unrealistic expectation, especially considering format differences and how fast most guilds/players become inactive.
  6. Guild finishes all guild statues - once again how many do? i have only been in a guild that did this once (and i had to drop about 10 million gold myself)
  7. Guild reaches all event rewards every week - not likely. Once again, how many guilds do this - then limit it to Xbox One only?

What i reject is that basically half of the “requirements” for being an “active” player are determined, not by what you do - but what other people do (which you cannot control)