Contemplating leaving gems of war

How much gold / seals / trophies could you contribute to a guild in a week?

My guild will take you and get you a mythic every few months if you can meet requirements (and, if your kingdoms are all leveled, exceed them, hopefully; we have multiple people who give 1-2 million gold a week).

Alternate view:

If you look at playing one match, in a vacuum, yes. The rewards in GoW are bad. But matches play fast, and you can usually play 5 or 6 of them in a short amount of time. When you look at the rewards for “playing for 30 minutes”, those small rewards add up.

GoW is a game of scale. Time is the currency. You are constantly trying to figure out how to get more resources per unit time. But if you aren’t playing, you accumulate far fewer resources because only tribute counts.

So by definition, if you only want to play 2-3 matches per day, you will make virtually no progress. It takes ~120 PvP matches to get enough gold to push a kingdom to level 10. There are 33 kingdoms. So the rules on the box tell you to play 3,360 total PvP matches to finish that task. At 5 games daily, that will take 672 days. At 50 games daily, it will take 67.2 days.

That’s the difference between 10 minutes and an hour. GoW is best played if you can spend an hour on it.

If you don’t like that, I agree you should leave. It’s the healthy thing to do. There are games that do reward smaller time investments out there, you will be happier with one of those.

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And, despite this fact, I have done this (as briefly mentioned in a previous post). :wink:

Oh, and please pardon the current mess of the initial post in the particular thread I linked. Been kinda using it as a my notepad for a while, and still have yet to go in and tidy it up.

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This is the first time Lexarius has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!

How ironic breaking rules first time posting

Haha, you’re a special case. You knew what you were getting into and wanted to see what would happen and I love it.

I’ve been playing a little over 4 years, which is as long as the game has existed. Your 5-6 is a wild exaggeration. I have every troop, all at mythic, except Zuul, which I have yet to craft.

You sure you didn’t mean 5-6 months?


One of my main concerns in this broken foundation (and there are several cracks) game was the in-game economy (which most F2P tend to have issues with and tightly control). Most economies have 20% or so of the people controlling 80% of the resources. There is always a “compounding” issue too (the longer you’re active, the more extra resources you get). In this game, that appears to me to be the guild reward system. This leads to imbalances and freezing out newer players (can’t compete and appears more pay to win - to be fair, the guild system incentivizes in game purchasing), which also impacts long-term viability. Yes, I think the guild system vastly “overpaid” in resources and should have been "nerfed much earlier. I think they should at least half the scoreboard gem rewards too.

Despite what is claimed, this is very much a single player game - you fight the battles yourself, but the rewards are skewed heavily to group activities. It seems to me like most rewards in this game are a form of “coat-tailing” (getting rewarded for other people’s work).

Yeah, if you’re early in the game don’t sleep on treasure maps (get Tyri from Zhul Kari soon).

The DragonSeoul, that challenge is insane (though I incidentally would have probably tried the same with two exceptions - bounties and explore battles are ok).
i would like to see what kind of resources an account could get doing absolutely nothing in game and only collecting tributes (once daily), log-ins, and guild related rewards.

I am really, really getting annoyed by the failure to log-in on the Xbox (an weird non-thread post potential). Way to cost me 100+ gems in tributes. I was going to spend next week burning through hundreds of treasure maps . I wish this game would let me donate all of my resources (including “cards”) for when I actually do quit (well coming back from time to time for achievements and to see how they changed delves)

Synergy in the defense, buddy. In Explore - Warlord IV diff level - the troops do not possess a lot of synergy with the way they play. Sure it is played by AI and luck may favor it, but a battle is won not by strength and luck but based on Synergy - how the team works together. I have seen great defenses in PvP that wouldn’t even let us play for some turns. And AI doesn’t usually miss any 4-5 match (we might, if we are not looking keenly). Never a great defense in Explore or other events. That’s why, defense scales up fast in weekly guild events like ToD, Raid Boss etc. Players are able to kill a level 500 defense in Raid Boss event, yet lose to a good PvP defense that’s only as strong as them.

I too was contemplating leaving. Mine however rests in the fact that:

1.) the game has no true multiplayer to play against my friends…it seems like the game could easily support it.

2.) They seem to be adding more and more content without fixing multiple bugs found within the game

Nope very active guilds, with guild chests supposedly having a chance for mythics. And yeah they would eventually die, members or the leads would just switch to something else after awhile.

I generally max out the seal count. Hasn’t effected much though.

It can’t. The devs have addressed such an idea before. They would have to make a completely different game from scratch. Like a Gems of War 2 or something.

I’ve been reading this thread for a bit.
My opinion is this…
No one can tell you how to have fun. So if you aren’t having fun playing Gems of War. Then it’s probably not for you. Regardless of it’s 6 years, 6 months, or 6 days… If you’re going to spend time on something that you aren’t getting paid for. And it’s not time used for loved ones or your community. Then it falls into the entertainment category of time… So simply…

Then quit. :grinning:


Yeah I don’t know how to phrase it any simpler than that.

I disagree with some of the points being made about how GoW functions, but I also can’t tell OP whether they’re having fun. I get wanting to leave a “this is why I left, fix it and I’ll play” message, but the points are numerous and GoW would have to be a different game to satisfy them.

Just go when it’s not the game you like. I don’t like a lot of popular things. It’s OK.

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Thanks for the offer, however i’m taking time off (maybe 6 months). Hopefully by then the game will be playable on my console.

When/if you come back, feel free to look us up for a good place to hang your hat: Bloodred Revenges

Take care! :slight_smile: