Guild Wars: Boredom sums me up and I believe I'm not the only one

@Razzagor I think your campaign mode style suggestion deserves its own thread (2nd edit: ToD is too repetitive and less dynamic to even come close, I think).

Edit: in fact if you want to make a game, I’ll give it a go :stuck_out_tongue:.



I actually thought about something similar for Guild Wars, and it would be possible to make things much more interesting with just some good elements which are already implemented but scattered among other features.

If my opinion would be relevant for anything important, the devs should start reworking Wild Plains first and then thwy should change the interface of the battles:

Use regions of Krystara as you see fit or make new ones representing a different scale/ratio from the world Map, we are literally seeing the whole world so this simplistic (100% original and not traced :skull:) could be just one region near Adana for example.

Some of you may notice that each region in my map have a color, and such colors correspond to each day we’ll earn more points by using troops of those colors, there is also a shield on each one representing the battles already fought (gray) and the other ones which are not yet available.

With this very basic change on the interface we made the event at least 20% cooler :rainbow: :cloud_with_lightning:

And up to this point NOTHING really changed in the mechanics of the feature, but if the devs would take some extra further steps there is so much more that could be done…

  • Quests on the regions: Something to add small tasks without any direct impact on the War, but capable of giving new players some neat things to do to earn some souls, gold and maybe glory.

Quests that actually could have some impact on the War: Remove the scout feature and make a small quest of giving 5 Treasure maps to an Informant to reveal the troops of each opponent available on that day. (5 Treasure Maps = 5 Battles revealed wow math is so amazing, i feel dizzy with such mental effort…) Players without Vip Levels wouldn’t really be affected, and the ones who are more likely to need to use these maps would still have hundreds or thousands anyway, it wouldn’t really hurt any veteran and the objective is not hurt newish players or even address the huge hoards of maps on our inventories.

That’s just a very quick idea of a quest which doesn’t involves increasing the total number of battles on each day to not disturb the player’s daily affairs, more things should be imagined in these lines and STILL offer interesting results.

In my previous suggestion i mentioned the use of towers: What if a guild could invest in towers to offer as troops to be used on defense for GW? Players which don’t have better setups/troops yet could use them on defense only.

The towers are extremaly weak against Siegebreakers, but still it would give relevance to such troops making all players more inclined to acquire and invest in such troops outside the Invasions in order to use then in GW. But, if the scouting feature was removed in the first suggestion, then bringing a Siegebreaker could be a risk bet if the defense has no Towers, such a problem, if only we could make a quick quest to reveal the enemy forces…

It would also offer some incetive to have all players investing inside the guild to acquire more upgrades to these towers while also allowing the Guildmaster to recruit new members that wouldn’t feel useless or a burden to the guild during the event.

What am i hearing? “Then new players would have an disadvantage as there are more things demanding gold to be invested?”

Holy bananas!!

Then why don’t we make some guild acivities or simply use the Guild Tasks and Statues level as something to measure the possible upgrades of these towers? This allows all guilds to have the exactly kind of power/upgrades for their towers as if they had it since day one… Mindblowing!!!

Still on the previous concept:

  • Attacking important locations to be taken or conquered. Some of these could be offered as extra battles, but we could also use the daily five battles everyone have to face and IF we are given some “Goals” to be completd with such battles then we keep making improvements without increasing the gameplay. Let’s use the Brown Map as example:


The hexagons are the regular GW Battles and the two stars are the extra goals/battles. In red you can see the ones not finished yet. There are many ways to make these two extra goals/battles relevant, but some of these may sound unfair to players who would argue about the lack of time if these extra goals offers benefits during their specific day, then some may argue that they are being forced to play each day individually instead of using the weekend for it like it has been so far…

This kind of design challenge faced by the devs could probably make them rethink about using such concept in the first place, so i won’t waste time on this yet. Instead it would be more productive to make some points clear:

  • We hate random things: Each week have random colors distributed already, so lets make one thing clear: Each day, despite its color, should have the same goals. I don’t care if Tuesday it’s Purple day, i care if Tuesday will ALWAYS have goals about cutting out “Supply lines” for example.

  • Each goal has the same effect ALWAYS: Pretty much the same as above, but just to be clear, if we cut the “Supply Lines” ten times that day, then the effect should be the same as any other guild who completed the same goal that many times! No random amounts and locations of Lucky Scrolls, no random progress tied to some random variables or progress bars using scores or other :poop: we don’t know about for sure!!! If you win the battle, one goal is completed.

This is important because we are already punished by having a poor victory, earning less points, so there is NO NEED to pile up another reason to make players feel miserable about themselves or even judge their guildmates’ results. Let’s try to add only good things into GW and this would certainly work to make people more interested in doing at least their five battles. The very fact we have “dead guilds” not playing GW is a bad sign about the popularity of this event…

Jewels of Dissension coming soon… :skull:


The only thing that needs to change is the schedule. It completely makes no sense that 2nd place gets the hardest schedule while first gets one of the easiest. 1st should play 2nd- 7th place. The only other thing I would change is brackets and I would only have 10 of them and everyone else trying to qualify for them. So bracket 11 would have all the people that have 2 people playing and clogging up the ranks. So you would have to score more points then the lowest guild in B10 to move up. Just an idea

Be careful what you wish for, OP. You just might get your wish granted in a way you didn’t expect.

All the tea leaves are pointing in the direction that you want, yet I’m highly dubious that the implementation will be in the method that you are describing using existing in-game sigil mechanics. Future is still too cloudy to make a call, though.

This might be a very interesting thread to revisit, say in oh… three months from now or so.


I have a bad feeling about this if it becomes the new Raid/Invasion/Tower of Doom in which by the time you reach Paragon, they are level 100 with Warlord IV stats…

That’s a big NO from me. This week is a good week to just relax and not worry about needing tons of gems to burn.


in which Lyrian lays claim to the title “Forums Cassandra”


I totally agree with you. Although I may have mispronounced (and I’ve already apologized for it), my only intention is to see Gems of War become better and better.
Like I said, although the game has ups and downs, like everything else in life, I believe we have more pros than cons and I love Gems of War for this.
But some comments with palpable and interesting arguments opened my eyes to new horizons.
And yes, I expect changes in GW, which may be good or not, depending on the point of view of each player, but I hope they come.
And just like you, I’m thinking about our future at stake, maybe 3 months from now …

I confess this is something I would never indicate or like. I believe that the massive wave of events whose troops always gain more lvl and more status with each victory, have already become extremely repetitive (see RB, Invasion, ToD, Class, Pet Rescue and Delves). And I presume we will have more than 20 Factions coming in the future, in which the Delves will always use this same system mentioned.

About this, I believe that Gems is lacking in new events with more creativity, in which the troops have their limits of lvl based on their normal ranks, reaching the maximum lvl20.

I agree with the OP somewhat. I run a guild so see for myself a lot of players do not enjoy guild wars. Personally I do, although I do not want it to come back more frequently.
I enjoy all the other modes just not raid boss. It’s boring to me. It’s very similar to invasion which I like a lot so I do not know what it is about raid boss but It is my least favourite mode.

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It Seems too me like problem reaction solution with this one.

Those are excellent points, @MeghatroN. It’s far, far too early to say whether the eventual changes will be good or bad for the game. But, unquestionably though, the game will be different. That’s to be expected of any live service game that changes and evolves over time.

Likely, the crux of the issue for many of the veterans here is that the foundation of the original game modes is very likely to change in 2019. It’s the base of the entire game for the last four years. The probability of that foundation morphing into something… different is very high, especially if a person puts two and two together from the last few dev Q&A streams. Something has been baking in the oven for a long time now, and the last time this happened, sigil-based gameplay was added to the game.

Will the game thrive and live on? Absolutely, without question.
Will veterans accept these changes, whatever they may be? That’s going to be up to each person to decide on their own.

The trepidation about the future is very real. Change is going to come. For most veterans, it’s no longer a matter of “if”, and not so much really a matter of “when” at this point. Whether the “big one” comes in 4.3 or a later patch isn’t really the issue, but rather “how” that change occurs. How the eventual changes for the base PvP mode (and likely Guild Wars as well [and even maybe Explore???]) will be implemented are what everyone is rightly afraid about. Accenting that fear is that there are a wide range of possibilities for how these changes might manifest. Off the top of my head, three wide-ranging possibilities might be:

– Changing PvP to use some form of sigil/energy system (unlikely, in my opinion, at least alone by itself)

– Changing PvP to use some form of energy system + hardlocking players into defined brackets via some criteria(ion) (ex: no player over level 1000 can ever roll a player under level 1000, even as a 1 trophy match; in contrast, newer players would only see comparable accounts until they reach higher levels)

– Changing PvP to remain unlimited, but use a more competive scoring system while using some form of bracket system. Point losses for lost battles or defenses become very steep, but some kind of purchasable temporary “shield” with Gems can shield players from point losses.

And so on.

There’s quite a few beta players in this thread. We all do care about the game, else we wouldn’t be beta testers. If we all go silent on the matter come Feburary or some point in the future, then most should know what will be on the beta server at that point in time.

Sadly, at some point in the future, a week to relax probably isn’t going to happen anymore. At least, not without giving up on something(s). Most games of this style are designed to intentionally not let players freely accumulate premium currency without sacrificing something in return. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any pressure on those players to incentivize them to purchase microtransactions.

That said, GoW is still among the most F2P friendly games out there, hands down, even after all of the changes over the last year.

Most players are going need to be able to just “let go” of somethings and not be completionists for their own sanity’s sake.

Now that’s an interesting take I hadn’t considered.

That’s a more elegant symbol than trying to figure out how to spin the line from Chrono Trigger “but the world refused to change” into some kind of tagline.

If all this comes to pass again, I’ll just might have to take you up on that offer.

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If wars becomes sigil based or undergoes modifications suggested herein, I predict that the resultant exodus by many of the strongest players in the game will be prolific. Suggesting a pay to win element in wars is astonishing. How many gems are you guys willing to buy with real cash? The game needs more evenly based competition, not more “out spend your rival” mentality. In the past I offered a predetermined set tier buy in challenge to try and liven things up and provide a competitive element to game modes which are devoid of such thanks to the mercenary element now pursued with vigour by the devs. Not one taker lol. Many gemmers just don’t like honest competition and this is reflected in comments and complaints about wars. It’s a dog eat dog world…competition is part of life. Nothing wrong with that. I can’t out buy my opponent in gears of war to gain an unassailable advantage. And I shouldn’t be able to do it here.


GW is the best mode! It separates the well organized skilled guilds and players from the disorganized that can’t compete.


To the OP:

I agree that GW are boring and repetitive, but so are the other “game” modes. However, in my opinion, GW only “saving grace” is that it isn’t Sigil Based/a full on Gem Sink. Doing such things with it would make it just as bad as the rest.

Personally, while I’m not a huge GW supporter (unlike many on these forums), I still don’t want it to be like the other modes (which I feel are much worse, in my opinion, especially, ToD)

No. Absolutely not.

…ok let me put some more detail here.

I understand how GWs can be repetative, boring, and without reward in GW brackets less than 2-3(?). Unfortunately the majority of players are in this catagory. Its on us to help the devs come up with GW improvement ideas that preserve its integraty and competition but make it rewarding to the rest of the crowd. How can we make lower brackets more fun? How can we shuffle all GWs focused players quickly to the war zone? I personally think guilds should be able to opt into events they choose. But there could be some better options…

Yes… i am in the GW enthusiast group, every day without GWs battles is a waste of time waiting for GWs to start. If this game lost its only competative mode it would basically be reduced to a cheap cookie clicker app.


boredom of a lesser player is very small among the guild tops, I’m sorry, first be a player worthy of a top guild and come play GW in bracket 1, with this you will change your concepts about GW.


Less than 10% of the player base opinions > all the other 90% opinions...

I believe the disgruntled players, in general, feel that way because GW fails to provide a better experience for many reasons caused byissues like:

  • Plagued by metas. Even in low brackets there few interesting compositions, since GoW has a poor “perfect inbalance” so some troops are always MUCH MORE better tha others to the point you can always find a team with Mab, Goblins and others plaguing certain enviroments.

  • There is always something that gets under the skin of some players, and to some extent the ways people deal with such issue will vary… Sometimes there is a clear issue that the All-knowing veterans can’t even feel as they already maxed out nearly all possible bonuses, but that doesn’t means there is no issue, let’s say as example, on teams with Egg Thief/Skeleton Key. I’m not gonna discuss this to fuel a possible nerf, but once Egg Thief becomes available on chests, and since anyone can get Skeleton Key now, it’s possible that this team will become dominant on low levels despite being barely a nuisance for Endgamers.

I would not be so quick to dismiss the experiences and feeling of other players because “Muh level 1300+ account guild at Bracket 1 GW, owner of two Zuul’goths #gitgoodfuk3nnoob…”

This is a poor way to make a point and conduct any discussion that can lead into better experiences for the game and the community. Just saying.


After reading some comments and talking to some players off, I must say that I opened my mind to new horizons.
Have I changed my mind about GW? No, I still think this event needs to be improved. However, it is not necessary to put a “shop”, nor leave the event similar to the others to make it more interesting. I came to the conclusion (subject to another post) that there are many ways to make this event much more attractive, without putting a store in it and maintaining its essence, with much more enjoyment and fun.
I really hope the Devs have felt it too.

Although I think that the players of the first 10 Brackets in GW experience very intense battles between them, after all, they are the strongest guilds of the game, I also think it is absurd that only those who are part of this elite should be heard about the event.
The question is that 10% (or less) of the total players are part of this elite, so I ask, the opinion of 90% or more, that are not in the top brackets does not count?
In the end, is GW designed to be played only by TOP guilds or 100% of players?
If the event is for everyone, I believe that all of us, who started playing for 3 months or who is in the first rank guild, have the right to express their experience and opinion.

Really, thanks to @Razzagor and other members, I opened my eyes to new horizons. I hope that GW is really RESTORED in 2019 and that it does not have a store like the other events, but that many great ideas are taken advantage of and make this event more exciting and engaging, not only for ELITE of the first ranks of GW, but for all the players.

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