Guild Wars: Boredom sums me up and I believe I'm not the only one

Anyway, another week of Guild Wars started and I feel completely bored with this event, trying to focus on other activities.

I know the complaint that I am going to make here many have already done, but I believe I have some new and important caveats to consider (even if it is only my opinion).

First Boredom: It’s only 5 fights, which I do in just over 10 minutes, maybe 15 if it’s on a very hot day like today, when my brain is processing information more slowly.

Second Boredom: We fight for ranks, but we do not see rewards at the end of the week that motivate us, especially novices, who need resources to evolve their kingdoms and their troops.

Finally, the only thing I like about Guild Wars is the fact that I do not see troops leveling up and increasing status with every battle that has been defeated, which is the most repetitive element in Gems of War (present in Raid Boss, Invasion , Tower of Doom and Delves of the Factions, that is, more than 50% of the battles of the game).

Although apparently the Guild Wars is being “preserved” in its original molds, I believe that, for the sake of most players, it is time to undergo a rebuild with a good makeover.

Inserting a new Store Interface and increasing the amount of battles would be a great addition.
For many the Store is a “slot machine”, intended only to raise sales in the game, but I see otherwise.
If the game sells something, we are rewarded back in the form of resources (rewards) we have won and in Updates.

We currently fight with 5, only 5 opponents in the GW, however, why do not we have the battle limit in 15? The game could give us 5 Sigils and have a shop, where we find troops and weapons with bonuses when used in GW, where we could also get more Sigils for the battles.

Just as an example, the game could create a new creature class and call it “Mercenary.” This troop would have bonus dmg if used in GW. In this way, a Mercenary-class troop using Blue / Red mana could always be used in this type of event, whether it was for the bonus score on the battle day with Blue / Red mana or the Combat Damage Bonus.

In addition, the hero could have weapons with bonus dmg if used in GW.

Both Mercenary and Weapons troops for GW would be made available at the event’s store.

With store and battle limit extended to 15, we would also have a rewards line to be won with the guild’s joint effort.

I know some nostalgists like the classic GW style, but I can tell you, it’s currently the weekly guild event that frustrates me. I struggle to inspire my guild and encourage them to battle in the events of the game, but I will not deny, boredom consumes me in these weeks of GW.

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No…just no. We don’t need to make GW like the other 3 events.


gw sigils whichever guild has the most gems wins!!! srry for giving them the idea…dont hurt me


Guild wars is essentially a boring feature, IN MY OPINION, that is only greatly supported/endured because it gives much more gems than other features/events and consumes “none” (unless you invest heavily on the guardians).

If the devs would consider investing some extra work/time/money on it they could do it so to make the battles slightly more thematic with a few twists. They could make a map to give us an extra feeling of attacking/invading another guild:

We could have structures like the Towers to be defeated and give an use to our Siegebreakers and on the other hand investing on the towers could be also a guild joint effort.

If they would like some other mini-events or minigames could be made geared around the whole week of Guild Wars. Let’s say there are specific rooms or even spots on the battlefield that once taken/conquered would lower some stats of all members of that guild we are facing. For example if we take the Armory their troops would lose Attack, if we take their Medic Camp or Supplies/Food provisions they have a penalty at Life Gain effects or just Life…

We could spent thousands of hours and posts suggesting things that could potentially make this feature better and more while entertaining focusing on all the experience we have in this game from over two~four years and in the end it would be utterly in vain if the devs/publisher don’t have the slight desire to change things. They don’t even want to consider new and better ways to make money so i doubt they would want to make things better for the sake of making them better if the current state of the feature is acceptable because “Muh Gems on the top 10 brackets…”

And honestly i don’t blame the top guilds/players for wanting to maintain the current state, no matter how boring it might be, or not because it’s possible that people like the simplicity of GW just as it is, as any change could probably cause more issues and loss of player’s agency than not.

TLDR; I’m still waiting for Wild Plains rework. :skull:


If this idea becomes a thing.
I suggest the devs change the name to Gem$ to Win.
Not as catchy as Gems of War. But a more accurate description to the game than 5 years ago.

To the OP, if you’re bored during GW, then I suggest you move up to a higher bracket where those 5 daily Matches are the most challenging aspect of the game.


No, it’s the one week that some of us can take a little time to not play 8 hours a day, we dont spend 1500+ gems gw week so the reserve grows a bit. Why monetize and further lump it into the same mold as the other events. Did I mention No? Maybe one in caps to be safe. NO


What the devs need to do is restructure the reward system for brackets outside of Bracket 1 and 2. Since it takes so long to see real movement up brackets, many people in lower brackets lack motivation to play the mode.


The most challenging aspect of the game on which planet? Compared to any lvl battle over 150 from other events, to Delves and even several PvP battles, the GW challenge is a no-nonsense joke.

I’ve witnessed the end game for every single event in the game…
What’s the highest bracket you’ve been in with guild wars?

I agree on this point. This is just one of the problems in this event. Little motivation for the younger or weaker guilds that are forced to participate, with no hope of achieving a position worthy of better rewards for their efforts.

You mean the Bracket we’re in? We are not among the top ranks and it is precisely this aspect that allows me to speak for most of the guilds that are in the same position. We fight in weak and understanding battles without hope of good rewards for lost time.

Maybe the battles can be “challenging” for the guilds in the top rank, but for 90% of the guilds in the game, it’s just plain insightful.

I’m not thinking about the minority that is in the highest rank and yes in general, where the majority does not have great reasons to fight in that event.

There’s a lot of words here… None of them say exactly what bracket you are in.
Therefore I’m going to be done with this thread.

I’ve been in every single bracket in guild wars. It’s the only mode that does a great job of scaling challenge wise from noob to veteran level. But I imagine if I decided to stay at the noob level I’d be bored with it as well. During Raids if I decided to stay at level 10 all week. I’d be bored as well.

I suggest you try to experience everything that guild wars has to offer before asking for the death of it.
The reason why every bracket is not challenging is due to a lot of the old players quitting and the game mainly being new players. Because success seems to be determined more by who has the most gems. Less about who is the best at the game.
I notice you make a lot of feature requests. I can’t tell if you’re seriously asking for a gem sink event or you’re just trolling to get attention.
Good luck to you either way.


We would simply love it if we had a “battle map” where members of the guild were strategically placed (as if defending a fort) and the attacker had a limited number of Sigils to attack.

That yes, would create a sense of “attack” against the enemy guild and would add some strategy. I think even with just 5 Sigils per day (and no store, as I mentioned), a map would give you that feeling you mentioned.

Also, the Sentinels could activate defense towers, as quoted and who knows, we could have towers teams (controlled by the AI) in some points to reinforce the defense of the guild?

UNFORTUNATELY, just like you, my friend, I have no hope that this event will change. It seems to me that this is a detail in Gems, which even weak to the current game standards, was abandoned by the Devs, for fear of disappointing a minority.

Maybe we’ll see more creative events as we discuss here in other parts of the game in the future?
Meanwhile we continue with the tedium of GW …

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I (referring to myself) do not have the need for so many resources. I have no great difficulties because I play for a long time and I have the troops and experience to fight.
I often ask for resources and system modifications, thinking of many friends who started a year or less and have more difficulty in the game, you know? I’ve been to Gems for years, since 2014 with my first Steam achievement and have followed all the changes in the game real-time.

I love the current system, I usually say that it’s a lot easier for a beginner to start an account and feel motivated to keep playing now than a few years ago. Still, I always ask for improvements that will help these players.

I have many friends who have played for 2 or 3 years and only think about game changes that target the veterans and the top guilds. I, on the other hand, think of everyone and especially the beginners.

I hope you have understood my point.

I appreciate the thoughts but i don’t recall electing someone to falsly represent their own views in the name of the masses.

I own 3 guilds which are mid-range rank / low brackets and majority of the guild members would prefer guild wars over the 3 other events we have at current.

None of the modes that have gem sinks are user friendly for new gamers.
Most of the times new members are forced to purchase weapons in fear they won’t appear again for free.
They spend souls and traitstones for troops they don’t use immediately to participate in these events.
The biggest turn out on events (since 2 of the guilds have non-mandatory requests for guild events) is guild wars for us, not raid, not invasion, not tower of doom.

I think your comment “i love the current system” sadly does not reflect the reality no matter how much your comment was made in good will.


I appreciate that you brought this up. It’s important to remember that we have an incredibly passionate and driven community here on the forums, but that we do not represent the larger player base. I respect that you do not enjoy Guild Wars as much as I respect that others love it and want it more frequently. This variation rings true for our end-game players as much as it does everyone else.

As usual, I can’t share numbers, but when it comes to participation and enjoyment of guild events alongside Guild Wars please know that reception is generally mixed for both Guild Wars and live events alike. I hope that, as a community, you keep this in mind as we continue to develop Gems of War and consider your opinions holistically from all walks of Hero Levels.


In fact, I believe I misused words, so I beg your pardon. It was really arrogant to express myself in the name of bigger numbers, since I was talking about our circle of friends who play and do not represent everyone. Although we have played for years and have followed the evolution of the game, I can not really speak for the thousands of players today.
But yes, I really love the current game system and I will always congratulate the Devs for what they have presented to us. Although there are ups and downs, as in anything, Gems has a lot more positives than flaws (in my opinion).

One thing I liked about reading all the reviews was, in particular, the comment from @Razzagor I know I have no power to influence the Devs’ decisions, but something illuminated me as I read his comment. We do not need a “Shop” in GW, or that it is similar to other events, but it is possible that it is implemented intelligently and make everyone happy (making those who like to like more and those who do not like to go through to like).

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the response.

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In a way you do have ‘sigils’ because you get five opportunities to fight, from soldier opposition to paragon. The refreshing difference is that there is no shop, no multiple buy ins, and in general the best guilds will occupy the higher positions within their bracket. However, whilst B1 rewards are relatively handsome, lower brackets do not receive much in comparison and are thus reluctant to spend gems etc on sentinels because there is no possible way of recovering the outlay and it becomes just another gem sink. That’s just wrong, particularly when new players have a staggering array of ways to spend resources that they can ill afford. Make rewards the same in every bracket because it takes years for a guild to reach bracket 1. Wars is the closest thing that gems has got resembling level competition. That alone is a reason to endorse it, even if subterfuge does work in the background sometimes because some guilds are terrified of a fair fight.

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I did kinda like @Razzagor’s idea - not necessarily to replace GW, though.

I do think being every 4 weeks hurts GW, since I think you have to switch mindsets, and 1 in 4 weeks makes it too irregular and disorientating, for me.

I think the ability to jump brackets was a step in the right direction, but a little more needs to be done, incl. improving rewards for lower brackets to make them more relevant.

And I think making it sigil-based (with a shop to buy more) would be radically different from its original intention, and akin to removing it altogether, which I think is a different discussion.

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I fully agree. I loved being able to see everyone’s views in the comments and @Razzagor omment opened my eyes to new horizons. In fact, it is possible to implement the event, maintain its essence, make it even more interesting than others and all this without applying a store and selling Items / Sigils.

I think Devs have the creativity to make this Upgrade and please everyone. I hope that one day we will see a GW that pleases everyone.