Guild War - show enemy guild progress

This has been asked for a few times.

Please can we have visibility on the ‘Attack’ (today’s guild war) screen of the enemy guild’s progress through the 150 battles? We can see ours, but not theirs.

Earlier today I took this shot: I can see we are beating Mean Machine, and we’ve done 106 out of 150 battles. But I can’t see how our run-rate compares to theirs - might they still have way more battles to go than us, and easily over-take us?

I mocked up this with my crappy MSPaint skills.

Noting that:

  • easy to make room for this in the bottom part of the screen
  • show their progress with a red bar
  • oops I forgot to obscure @DonBoba 's name
  • and that I kicked his ass too :smiley:

@saltypatra can you show this to people please? Surely easy enough to do…


I second this request whole-heartedly!

Btw your comment about kicking @DonBoba’s ass made me lol


I don’t my name being there i support the request.
As for attack, you shouldn’t worry, if you check the leaderboards you will see we are down a member, so our maximum number of attacks is at 5 lower then yours. Right now we are at 100 done.


Curse you @Jainus for forcing me to like ANOTHER one of your posts, but this is a great mock up!
And should be implemented post haste! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


It’s my theme for the day. It was also my first (I think) clean sweep of max points 5-0 in GW, so worth a little boasting :wink:

this is great idea, let us have the excitement and satisfaction of knowing enemy progress =) :thumbsup:

You are welcome for me not running DK hero or 4 x apocalypse or no devour. I try to make this a bit more fun for everyone.


Thank you for that :grinning: I was shocked to see no DK in your team. Although someone in your guild used DK and it killed my summoner but you know :sweat_smile: Good luck


I 100th this recommendation.

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I love this idea but I’m out of likes for the day.

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@htismaqe i feel your pain brudda me too😟

Excellent suggestion @Jainus


And along with this add separate guild war defense results (tho devs said they are looking into this one).


Hmm. This would give away how many members the opposing guild has. And it would let you know how much pressure you should put on your members to do the fights. I don’t know that that’s a good thing.

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Up at the top end, all guilds know exactly how many current members each guild has already from the trophy leaderboards.

Admittedly, this would be harder/impossible to find for guilds not in the top 50, but it’s not exactly information the game has been hiding in the past.


You can already see how many members they have if you click the league button in your guild screen (not guild wars screen). At least if they are somewhere near your guild (±25 ranks afair). @actreal beat me to it =P

I’d even go further than the OP suggested. I’d like to get a screen that is similar to your own ‘results’ screen, so you can see how well the other guild performed against your defense. Show me how their Paragon performed and so on…

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I’m neutral on the request stated in the OP.

However, I don’t agree with this request at all. No one needs to know the score details of the members in someone else’s guild. The only thing the devs need to add is a defense battle log similar to the one in PVP that is exclusively for GW. That way, people can see if their defense is actually effective or not.


Just quickly jumping in here:

We like the idea that guilds get some indicator of enemy progress, may be not entirely like @Jainus’s suggestion, but maybe something similar.

We also would like to add a way for players to see how successful their defenses are. A battle log for guild wars may not be a bad idea.

No ETA on when we would add either of these ideas though at the moment, currently we’re focused on GW bug fixes, and the upcoming crafting system.


Yay! Crafting!!!


If you give us full transparency about defenses, we will find out what works (without any doubts) and given time, set all our defenses exactly the same.

This will make GW EXTREMELY dull.

In the short term, checking those logs sounds exciting–and it may very well be–but anyone with familiarity with this game [or any game or game theory] understands that ultimately homogeneity will necessarily be the result.

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