Guild Wars Progress Bars

The Progress Bars of You, Your Guild and Your Opponents Guild are interesting.

How about leaving them visible once you have completed your 5 fights of the day instead of just leaving a blank page with the words “There are currently no opponents available to attack”?


Just to confirm, is this happening to you every day? or only on the last day of the week?

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This is happening to everyone every day and on every platform.

Leaving the progress bar visible after finishing one’s daily battles is a great idea. I’m all for it.


Ok, can people post their platforms? (Eg Mobile vs PC as well as PC/Mobile vs Xbox/PS4) I’m not actually experiencing this myself on a day to day thing. (It might still happen at the end of the week, I don’t remember.)
I did my GW for the day today just now just to double check and I still get this screen even after exiting the game and coming back in.

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Interesting. I just assumed this is how game is constructed.

It never was like you showed in my case (PS4). I think on my alt account on mobile as well (but now I doubt everything lol) After 5 battles there was just info that I’m done for the day. I haven’t done any battles this week yet, so maybe something changed over the weekend, but as I say - progress bar was always removed.

I will do my battles later today and post the outcome.


From what I remember it showed the results for all days except the final day, and I THINK it was fixed so that it would show on the final day as well? but I’m also doubting everything at this point. (which was why I did my GW battles today, to check before I started making too many wild claims :stuck_out_tongue: )


Yeah it doesn’t show up like that on ps4 @Ozball but I do get your screen on my pc account.


Yeah PS4 doesn’t show at all and has been like that since the week we were bugged out of wars.

I guess nobody reported it till just now. I thought it was like this at all platforms too.


So this happened and they put us back in,

does xbox still show it after the battles?

Maybe when they put us back in it messed it all up because we had a special schedule.

Moved this over to support for now.


it’s always been like this for me after completing the daily 5 battles (on Xbox One)


Doesn’t matter if it’s the first war of the week or the last.