Guild Rewards Repeated


I’m just glad we have panic stations, for when we do actually need them!

Please let me know if you need me to serve in this regard when the time comes – I have a lot of experience, and would be most happy to oblige.



Curious that a month later there will be problems with the emails. It seems purposefully done to hunt the rogues.

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So, we cannot be banned even when i opened them 1 time?



I opened them 1 time but the second time i didn’t



Do we have an ETA on the rollback/fix? I have a lot if nervous guild members. I have a bit of trepidation myself. I just thought one of my guildmates had been hoarding gold and decided to go crazy! Personally, I have not spent any of the resources gained by the bug but some of my guild members have.



Yes, an ETA would be very helpful. I have been keeping track of them to gauge averages etc, and this will make that more difficult. Thanks.



@Saltypatra @Cyrup I’ve had some of the rewards removed but 2 LT bundles (amounting to 12 total tasks) are still in my mail, what should I do, eventually I’ll accidentally hit claim all which I’m trying to not do, also another 2-5 LTs will be completed by week’s end and when you do remove the bad ones they may get lopped in with them and I’ll loose em when u remove them, can I please have this handled



You can just leave the mail, it’s best to avoid opening them. We’re still working on a resolution for this but it should be out before the Easter weekend. Thank you for your patience



@Cyrup will it interfer with other LTs if the guild finishes anymore?



This is highly problematic. Resources that were received as a result of this bug have been utilized by some of the player base. Keys have been exchanged, traitstones have been utilized on troops, glory has been cashed in etc. How can these resources possibly be rolled back fairly? I personally have avoided using any resources but as the erroneously gained resources are intermixed with legitimately gained resources, I cannot imagine how one can be separated from the other. I have a fair amount of guild members who have used these resources and are very concerned about punitive measures being meted out by the developers. I am certain that none of them were cognizant of the error until after resources were used. I, for one, thought one of our guild members had been hoarding gold that he/she decided to go crazy with and cash in. Now with new resources being gained and LTs are being finished legitimately, everything is becoming further complicated. I was hoping to get some more expedited and clearer information to pass along to my guild members who are in fear of being banned for what is an honest error with absolutely no cheating intended.



We’ve removed all uncollected mail and have just removed the collected resources from the affected accounts.

Enjoy your Easter if you celebrate it, otherwise just have a fantastic weekend :slight_smile:



So am I going to get banned now for spending all my glory keys. Before u took it down???



U guys really need to fix the game. And stop blame it on the players. Be professional.



I think you’ll be okay:



Good. So they are learning then.
Still hope for humanity after all



For every bug they do. If u see 1000 gems on you’re mail. U are allowed too spend them.
Without getting banned.
Cos it’s not the players problem. Its theirs.
So let’s hope they do more of these bugs



@Kafka I received the in game message stating that the extra resources have been removed. I can see that some have been removed but I don’t believe you’ve taken all of them. As the message didn’t say what had been removed, I don’t know for sure what the difference is. I do know that I still have an extra 2 mythics that I shouldn’t have as that’s easy to check. Ultimately I’m happy to keep things as they are if the devs say that’s an end to it. However I’d rather not have the uncertainty of being accused of exploiting this error at some point in the future, so please confirm or otherwise whether the devs consider this issue to be resolved. Oh, and I’ve tried restarting the game.



Regarding the bug that @Sal mentioned:

Gold put into tasks won’t be spent as well.

Were rewards given from tasks completed from this “fake” gold removed as well?



@Kafka I still have rewards in my inbox, 2 bundled mails containing 12 total tasks (3+9)



@Kafka @Cyrup

Here is my inbox… it’s getting very hard not to claim all and since the timer runs past Monday it mean I’ll be unable to claim all as my guild completes the bulk of its LTs on Monday, this will be crazy inconvenient to have to claim all my mail one at a time