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No rewards on Tasks - Already claimed in another Guild

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:

I was claming Guild Tasks Rewards, but was told that I had already received the reward in another Guild. (I’ve not changed Guilds!)

I’m using Android on a Galaxy S5 6.0.1

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?

Just happend today.

Steps to make it happen again

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Hey Rockwell,

I’m very sorry for the delayed reply!

This happened because more than one guild member tried completing the same task in a short period of time so basically 2 messages get sent when this happens:
One will have the correct rewards
The other will have the error message

I checked your account logs and found you received all the Guild Task rewards successfully for the past week so don’t worry!

In future if you have an issue with missing rewards please send a support ticket as it will help us get back to you more quickly:

Sorry again for the wait!

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The same for me , 2 times in 2 weeks …:triumph:


This has also happened to me today too :confounded:

Me and my guild mates also received such mails today two times for Yellow Statue.

I got this today for one task, I had another email that had all of my rewards in it though, so I still got everything. It causes confusion clearly.

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I had two error messages ‘Guild Task - No Reward’ this week.
And the other message doesn’t have the correct rewards: some gold keys were missing (it should have been 515 gold keys in the sum after all guild tasks are finished, not 485, right?).



@Kafka, I don’t care about missing gold keys, just wanted to let you know that this

didn’t work for me.

Hi all, if you are missing Guild Task rewards or experiencing an issue and please create a bug report or contact support

This issue is generally caused when more than one member contributes to the Guild Task at the same time
There were unfortunately more issues experienced over weekly reset due to some server problems which are now resolved :slight_smile: