“Guild Task - No Reward”

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened?
A guildmate of mine completed a guild task. I expected to get the reward: blue, whatever comes before shards (so 50 gems, I think?).

Instead, I got the following message.

True to its word, I did not receive the reward. The issue is that I have been the Guild Leader of my Guild for almost two years, so I surely wasn’t in another guild at the start of this week to receive the task elsewhere.

What are the steps to make it happen again?
Lord, I hope it doesn’t happen again. Will be sure to update this thread if it does.

We had a bug that went out briefly and has since been fixed. Please submit a ticket to support to get the rewards sorted out. https://gemsofwar.zendesk.com/hc/en-us

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Happened to us in Intrim, too.


This should have been a completed legendary task, not a guild task, as they were already all completed. Plus, for the last hour, the mail icon has been blinking but it tells me I have no mail.

Same here in Black Dragon

Happened to Solophopbia as well.
I dropped the info from Ozball in to Guild chat so we can get it sorted out.

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Oh, I got the same thing in Celestial Peak! Not sure if my guild mates got it too. I sent in a support ticket.

Hey Guys,

We’re revert the cause for this problem.

So anyone who received a “Guild Task - No Reward” mail with “[GUILDTASK_TYPE_STATUE_undefined]” in the body can safely ignore it, and the correct mail will arrive next time they check their inbox


I have got the same message today? Have i lost rewards, i haven’t left my guild

Hey sorry @Leah03

You haven’t lost your rewards. When 2 Guild members try to complet ethe same task at near the same time 2 messages go out:

1 has the correct rewards
1 has the error message

So you still get your rewards as well.

I’ve asked the team if we can reword the error message to make it less confusing.