Problem with guild task rewards December 4 2017

When I logged in yesterday, I was opening my mail and was surprised to see that the only guild task reward listed was a single red task. My guild had completed about 50 of the tasks by the time I logged in, but my mail was only for the Red level 10 task. I have no way of knowing whether this was just a display glitch showing the last task that was completed or if I didn’t actually get my other task rewards.

I’m on PS4 - did anyone else have an issue like this yesterday?

I had 1 glitch where it gave me a task completed and then another that said error completed. I think I have the reward but for some reason it also has a error, I’ll add the screen shot later.

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Was that the same as the “Guild task - no reward” error that they were talking about over here?

I also had my “collect mail” reminder blinking the whole time I was playing, but there was never anything there…

One of my guildmates reported a ximilar issue on X1. No guild task rewards even though all of our statues are now level 10+.

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They fixed the issue with guild task rewards where no matter who finished the guild task you’d be told you did it.

So naturally, they broke nearly every other aspect of guild task rewards. The way it manifested on mobile is everyone got notified a task had been completed, but they were no longer in the guild so they couldn’t claim it. You’re probably seeing some other symptom of the fix.

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Yeah, if my symptom is that I miss out on all but the last task that gets completed before I log in, that’s pretty serious. Unfortunately, it’s pretty difficult to tell whether I actually lost the rewards or not, but I won’t have played for about 22 hours by the time I can log in tonight. Hopefully my guild managed to complete a couple more tasks and I can see whether I’m missing out or whether it is just a display glitch. I really can’t afford to miss out on a week’s worth of event keys with how scarce they are these days.

File a bug report. Maybe when they fix this one the fix will give us all -1 souls, which could possibly roll over to 4 billion depending on the setup.

Yeah, I submitted a bug report already but probably won’t hear back for a day or two. In the meantime, I’ll see if the bug replicates and try to verify whether it is just display or substantive. I’m not sure if support can see whether I actually received the rewards or not.

Hi everyone! This issue should now be resolved.

The team looked into this issue and resolved it yesterday. Please close and reopen the game and check your mail again to receive the reward. You may also need to check your ‘Collected’ mail for the task rewards to see if you received them.

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Fantastic, thanks! I’ll double-check everything when I get home tonight.

Edit: and all good - received my rewards in the mail!