Not getting guild rewards

@Nex @Mr.Strange im no longer getting guild rewards unless I’m the one that finishes the task.
Tried restarting game, but still nothing. I should have gotten 30 or so gems and keys.

As always when rewards are missing, you’re going to want to submit a ticket to Customer Support:

Just tell them what you’re seeing and when it started and they should be able to figure things out.

@Nex I opened a support ticket, and my guild master truxton74 isn’t getting rewards either. So it’s probably affecting a lot of players.

Just curious. Does no notification show up that you have mail? Guild rewards are acquired that way now.

No guild reward mails.

yeah guild tasks now bugged! Reward only for the one who complete the task! other contributors receive nothing!

@Nex @Mr.Strange

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You’re both on Xbox right?

This is a pretty important question.

Otherwise, we’ll take a look at what’s happening here. Thanks for the heads up.

yes xbox. only task finisher rewarded!

I completed the 12 keys task and received them while others got nothing. And a member completed the 10 gems task and i never received them.
The exclamation point flash for a very very long time on guild icon and finally stop flashing but then no rewards.


Xbox one for me.

I can’t clear the exclamation point guild has, and I’m not getting the rewards as mail. Daily tasks arrived in mail.

Same for me, also on XB1. Can’t clear the flashing icon after someone completes a Task. In this case it was Gems.

Presumably this means the reward has not, and is not being delivered…

Rewards are delivered but ONLY to the one who completed the task.

The guild rewards issue should now be fixed.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to retrieve rewards that were missed in the last 6 hours, but things should work from here on out.

Getting same problem now on xbox :frowning:

If you contact our support team here:

They should be able to help you recover your lost guild rewards.

This problem with not getting rewards started for me two days ago on PS4 i’ve lost about 5 rewards so far,even if I finish the reward nothing comes in the mail.