Guild Rewards Repeated

I received all our guild tasks rewards approximated 1:20 am EST April 17th along with many LT’s completed by “blank”. I had already received our guild task rewards Monday and I’m not sure why the LT’s are showing up. Did I make a mistake by accepting them

We have fixed this now. Pending more information on the issue shortly.


I collected a couple of LT rewards before I notice there was a problem.i didn’t collect the rest. There is a repeat of LT that is not correct

It happened to me too. I claimed them without realising. I just made a forum account to report myself!

Dooon’t take it! Don’t you daredaredaredaredare

Too Late, but I am definitely not spending the gems:wink: No ban please I am a good boy.

Can you please fixed this bug permanently? Every couple weeks? Then blame the players? Feels fishy!

I don’t have anymore information right now, but thanks everyone for your honesty in reporting this :slight_smile:

@orangeink I’m not blaming anyone? This is a new issue, and not related to any previous problems as far as I am aware.

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But fishy is ok. After eating Tasmanian Salmon last year I’m become slowly accustomed to fish! :wink:

I also clicked claim all got 500 diamonds

If we have the bug, what should we do? Will the bogus mails get deleted? Should we accept the duplicate rewards and then have the extra materials get removed?

New issue? Same condition caused the same issue?

Some players even send mails to explain the events and beg to recycle what they got from the bugs,even a mythic card. Everything is to prevent to be banned.
We know one maybe make use of the bug, while most of the players shall be honest. And I believe the devs shall be honest as well, especially after the previous 10-gems event. So no players shall be punished much from this accident.

Получена двойная награда за выполнение заданий гильдии. Исправьте плз. Просьба не материть - я новичок!)

No repeating anything for me on android, damn, wasted 950k gold…
oops I mean, just wanted to pinpoint the issue :angel:

It looks like all the double rewards are showing up as collected under the corresponding mail tab so the devs at least have a record. It was 54 LTs for me (including 2 mythics). I just won’t spend any of the reources until they decide what they will do.

@Cyrup Gold put into tasks won’t be spent as well.

I also claimed all from inbox (I always do, had just woken up and thought people went crazy on LTs overnight) without noticing “blank” had completed them.

Didn’t get anything :smile:
No duplicates whatsoever which makes me very very happy as I can stay away from yet another mail affair.

All players are equal, but some players are more equal than others :stuck_out_tongue:
I think George Orwell would’ve been proud of me…no? :grin:


I got the rewards too. LT rewards made possible by Blank. I hope its over now.