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Guild Intrim Rank 17 Now Recruiting 25-30 million donated!

We are only seeking HardCore players!

About Intrim

:dragon: No guild produces more trophies than us
:dragon: We donate 25-30 million gold each week
:dragon: We are a 100% active guild
:dragon: We bring in at least 2500 Keys and gems a week

Requirements to Join:

:peach: At least 400 Trophies a week
:peach: At least 400K gold donated to Gems/Keys a week

If your interested in joining us please leave your invite code!

I use 100% gold armor, donate all my gold to guild & play alot of PvP. Last 2 weeks, rank 56 & 99.

Invite: Waddup

P.S. I will leave my guild if u pick me, thanks!

I will send you an invite now friend, welcome to the family

I’m interested in join your guild.
Level 240
Dragon Armor
Trophies: 322 per week
Gold: 214.000 per week
Let me know so I will leave my actually guild.

Hello Gund, are you still working on your kingdoms?

Yes. 50% Level 10. The others Level 8.

Leave your guild, I will send you an invite. Welcome to the guild my friend

Ready to go. Send me the invitation. GUNDISALVUS

Invite has been sent

We now have 2 spots left to fill guys, if you are interested please apply!

We have 3 spots to fill my friends, if your interested join now

Don’t delay apply today

Must bump the thread

We are rank 90 now, always moving on up. Will be top 50 soon so make a change and join a great guild while we have space.

We are now rank 87, do you see the trend, We are on fire guys, Join Us you won’t regret it

I’d like to join.
Invite code: Bernie 8

Willing to commit to 150 trophies and 30,000 gold per week.

Sorry friend we are looking for more

I would like to join, code is my name. All cities at 10 and requirements are fine with me. Let me know so I can leave my guild.

Willing to Contribute 30k and 40+ Trophies a Day!
Invite Code: SDOHERTY14

You can donate that much a day huh. Are your kingdoms maxed out yet?