Intrim(1 and 2) is recruiting [60/60] [Rank 3 and 12]


Intrim should be seen as one guild of 60 players rather than two separate guilds. That’s how we see it anyway. This thread will be covering recruiting for any previous Intrim recruiting threads(They can be closed/removed/deleted) for this point on.

Intrim is recruiting one dedicated player! [60/60]

The requirements are:

300 trophies, tasks and seals done as quickly as we can. VIP is not required!

Drop a message here if interested or catch us in global 001



Currently full! [60/60]

Intrim has currently one spot available! [59/60].

Requirements are 300trophies and 1500 seals!

Hi Nono,

You guys still got a spot?
I play 7H/day and can contribute.

My invite code: vicious_5.

Looking forward joining your guild.

Greetings! We have a spot available as of right now if you wish to join.

The requirements are 300trophies, 500k gold and 1500 seals and trying to meet those early as possible and you are encouraged to go beyond the minimum. If you can meet these conditions, you will be happily accepted.


Yeah I can meet those requirement for sure =)


Please talk to t0nerz or Saluki, i am not sure if there is a waiting list. Check with them to be sure.

Scala, not Saluki. :slight_smile:


Wish you guys are recruiting still. I and one of my friend prefer to join you. He could win at LEAST 300 battles a week and I could meet your requirements with no doubt.

By the way, it is ok if we need to wait for a while. We are glad to donate to a fast growing proup like you which would dominate the board soon or later I believe.


As you may have seen we are full at the moment but we will hold the next two spots for you.

We appreciate your interest in joining and we would be glad to have you in Intrim.

I will contact you as soon as there are openings.

That’s very nice of you. Thanks. Let me know then. :slight_smile:

I sent you a PM

Still recruiting? Do you use Discord or any other form of communication? I can easily meet your standards. Let me know please and thanks

Intrim II has just had a spot open up and we are looking for another active player.

The requirements are 300 trophies, 1500 seals and 500k gold. Feel free to leave a message here if you are interested.

hey there !

I can easily meet the requirments and do much more .


Welcome LAMF

Intrim II (Rank 10) has an opening. Requirements are 300 trophies, 1500 seals and 500k gold.