Intrim[Ranked 12th]. Recruiting once more! FULl


Intrim is recruiting once again, We have 1 spot open! Please drop a message here or catch one of us in-game if you are interested in joining!

The requirements are 300 k gold weekly and 300 trophies, all easily to smash! :smiley:
We currently gain 1.5k-2k keys/gems a week! If you like how that sounds, join today!~

Come on guys(and gals)~ Help us climb the leader boards and show Intrim is still amazing~


Way too high of requirements to even consider. I have a full time job and even so spend some 30-50 hours a week with just my StormChasee account. I also have the Listintira cell phone account that I usually get to pvp level 1 though not this week since I was going through the treasure maps to help get my MAb/Valkyrie line-up ready.

I mean, if it’s too much for you, you probably shouldn’t bother replying in the thread. A lot of people play the game a lot, and many of the higher guilds sit around 300/300 for weekly requirements. 300/300 really isn’t that bad, and honestly, if you want to call yourself one of the top guilds, it should probably be higher (though most people reach higher then that amount each week in top guilds anyway).


The guild was full but a player had to leave due to irl circumstances and Intrim has a spot available. Just drop me a message here or to me if you like to join. Thank you.

I’m in a top 25 guild that has modest requirements that keeps players active while not being a burden. This is supposed to be a game, not a job. I know how much time and effort it would take to reliably meet those requirements.

I wouldn’t consider any guild with greater than 100k/100 trophy requirement. That’s plenty high without being a burden for a modestly serious player.

Maybe the developers ought to look at separating the guilds into different categories. You could have the serious pro guilds in a different league or set-up and leave the rest in casual. The weekly requirements would naturally be higher in the pro league (or whatever you want to call it).

Intrim is recruiting! 3 places available! Please drop me a message here or catch one of us in the game chat! Let’s be apart of one of fastest growing guilds!

You can feel that way if you like, but there is no need for separation. Guilds tell you what the requirements are, and if you don’t feel you can meet then consistently then there is no need to tell them that they are being ridiculous. It’s just an opinion, and this thread is not the place to be having the discussion about what you feel is appropriate for guild requirements. Please don’t feel the need to reply, I’m really only saying this so other people won’t come in and add into a discussion that this thread was never meant for, nor should have been stayed in this thread.

I’ll join :wink:

3 places available guys! Another player has left due to irl. But this isn’t something that will slow us down! Join Intrim today! :slight_smile:

Hi :hugs:
Send me an invite
invite code : zoeo 1

Hello!!! I definitely will be able to commit to the weekly requirements for trophies and gold. I like being in a fun competitive guild and I will be able to pull my weight. Please feel free to send me an invite! (^^)/


Hey guys, I just wanted to take StormChasee’s lead and let you know that Im not applying for the guild.

I was torn between making a whole new thread to let you know or just posting here, and I figured this would be good enough.

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You don’t need to actually state you are not going to join. This threads purpose is for people who are interested in joinin and not players who don’t want to join.

Gonjulee welcome aboard!


Thank you very much!!! I won’t let you down! (^o^)/

One spot remains! Come on folks!

Rank 15 with one spot remaining. One player went inactive on us without reason so a space has become available. Join today!

Rank 13th! One spot available!

Intrim is full! Time to rock!

Invite me when a spot becomes available I play everyday and is very active my code is JOCELYN_18

Excuses the tardy response. There is a spot available in Intrim 2.They are doing just as good as us. I already notified them about you wanting to join. Intrim 1 is full currently and a couple of players already waiting. So if you are still interested, Intrim 2 will take you.