INTRIM the #2 RANKED GUILD all new recruitment thread

We are the #2 guild and looking to take over as #1

We are looking for select players who are willing to go above and beyond what we require for minimum reqs.

Our requirements are 500k gold, 300 trophies and 1500 seals, but that is what we expect on weeks when you can not do more. Expectations are at least 600 trophies a week.

We always hit 40k seals, usually Wednesday or Thursday at the latest.

We complete all tasks within a few hours of reset and we average 25 Legendary tasks a week.

We are among the most active people in global chat and we have a 24/7 chat group on LINE and Discord where the members of both Intrim I and II talk throughout the day, as we come from all parts of the world.

If you feel your level of dedication and work deserves the rewards to be gained in Intrim, please apply by listing what you think you can do in an average week in your response.

Thank you.


I changed your topic to guild recruitment, hope you don’t mind :slight_smile:

No problem, thx Don, I didnt notice the sub heading.

I have to say, #WINtrim is honestly the best guild I’ve ever been a part of.

I’ve been a part of some major guilds in everything from MMOs to Gems of War, I’ve dominated entire maps in PvP and taken part in organized 40 v 40 real time guild battles. I’ve become a legend in games from Runescape to private servers of Perfect World International. I’ve been in plenty of guilds to compare to, and Intrim is honestly and truly the best of them.

Awesome communication, even across two guilds. Everything is fluid, such organization and helpfulness is something I haven’t seen, even in 200-person MMO guilds with a rigid officer hierarchy and infrastructure.

Everyone is friendly, and I love each and every one of our fifty nine other members. Wonderful leadership and a true family feeling… I truly suggest that you join if you can make the requirements. The tasks, as said are done in record time, and there are so many legendary tasks! We even got a FAMINE for everyone in the guild recently!

Seriously amazing guild, and it has no rival, even cross-genre. 10/10, would recommend.


Thanks Kuro!

Unfortunately we have lost another great member of the Intrim family to life circumstances. Therefore we have 1 spot open. Please inquire if interested.

We currently have 1 spot open, recently became #4 guild! Looking for a long term devoted player to join the team! Minimum reqs remain at 300T/500K gold/1500S weekly. We continue to consistently have strong open communication and open about 25 legendary chests weekly. Please post or message me if interested, the spot won’t last long. ~t0nerz

Wow guys, you’re on fire! Keep it up!

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YAY!!! Thanks Kuro! Update == spot has been filled back to 30/30.

If there are any spot open, I like to join, can meet requirement weekly. VIP lvl 8

invite code: SPARKHAWJ

Hey man, thanks for your interest. We are full right now, but we will contact you the next time we are in need of another player.

Hello there,
I just left my old guild, and I want revenge, I want to be part of this team so that we can overcome them together. Hardcore player! I’d like you to keep a spot for me, so I can show you my value! My English is not the best, so I’m sorry for any mistake!


Only 2 realms are not 5 stars
Aiming for top 20 everyweek
See you ingame

Revenge? For what?

This thread needs a bump.

500k gold and 500+ trophies. Invite code TYCHON. Thanks

Hi, I am currently part of Zools guild but over the past few weeks, been failing to meet the 40K seals and barely making all tasks for the week.
If a spot opens I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your guild.
I can guarantee 500k+ gold, 1.5k seals and 300-400 trophies.
Invite code LUKERULES94.
Thank you :slight_smile:

I can vouch for him I was in Zools also, he is a good player.

Thanks for your interest in joining Intrim! Unfortunately we are full at the moment.

I will gladly add you both to our waiting list and let you know when we have a spot.


Looking for a guild to join, i just returned to GoW after an unexpected break. Still working on kingdoms but can do 300k easily and 400-500k if it’s necessary. Trophies can reach whatever necessary and seals are never a problem. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi I’m looking for an active guild and believe I would be a good fit for Intrim. I’m currently rank 522, no problem meeting the gold, seal or trophy requirements.

Invite code is .Blerrg