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Guild Intrim Now Recruiting Rank 56

Hello my friends Intrim are now recruiting motivated players. We currently have 28 members and are 100% active. We usually donate at least 6 million gold each week. We are currently ranked 56 in the guild leaderboards but we’re 380 a 4 weeks ago. We are looking for strong members that can come in right away and donate gold and farm trophies. If your interested please let me know thanks.

Im looking for an active guild,i playing a lot of pvp(donated 108k in 3 days to my current guild,but they are not as active as they said)I always Champion rank in the first day each week.If you give me a chance,you will not regret it.Sargeras already talked about me,i think.I working at home,so i can play a lot,just need a guild,thats truly active.Level 54 at the moment.

Enough said Witch I trust you and think you will be good for the guild. Welcome to the team

Thank you! ^^

We are more active than what we advertise with, since it’s only decent to err on the safe side. You were in the guild for 4 or 5 days, not even one weekend when people are most active, so find a better excuse to join another guild than badmouthing a guild you spent less than a week in. I honestly don’t know why do I even argue with someone like you, but it just rubs me the wrong way when people make things up to look better and weasel their way into a bigger honey-jar.

I’m done here, apologies for spamming your topic Rhino, it’s your problem now.

Yeah lets end it here,bad mouthing is not beginning here,and you dont read what i said again,so good luck.You bad mouthed me way more than i your guild,since i said practically nothing,and you keep using swear words,and Rhino will see that i not lying…Good luck for your guild,and look after their trophy count. ^^

It’s all love guys

Hi i am interesting for enter in your guild i am lvl 574 all lvl kindgom 10 and i have 203 creatures

My code invite is Lapin_1

Hey Lap your just the type of guy that we are looking for, I’ll send you an invite

Invite sent Lapin

my code invite is : Lapin_1

Invite sent for Intrim Lapin

Rank 106 now guys with 10 million donated this week. Seeking hardcore players as we speak!

That’s damn impressive!

Thanks we are highly motivated to do big things Mach

We are now rank 63, moving on up :grin:

We are now rank 56, look how fast we move up! :grin:

Thanks for the interest but everyone here are done with kingdoms and contribute 300/300 was his week

Can I still join? All kingdoms are lvl 10. At least 100 throphies a week and donated over 300k this week.