GoWDB: Pet and Weapons leaderboards


@Lyya kinda unimportant but i think the Owned Pets column is showing incorrect number


Maybe so — link me your collection and which numbers look wrong (here or in PM) and I can investigate.



max # of pets seems to be set to 44. i myself have 47 pets


Oh, whoops. You were talking about the leaderboard, not your collection. I should read better. Will take a look. Thanks!


@Lyya When do you think you can show more than the Top 50 in the Leaderboars?


@Lyya Can you add the Total Class XP earned in the Champion Level Leaderboard. I think that might be more representive than the average Champion Level…


Doesn’t that also cap out at whatever the max level is? Or are you referring to xp beyond max level?


No, I mean only the XP to level 100.

But as Level 100 needs 100 XP and Level 2 only 2, lower levels are a lot easier to gain while the amount of XP would show a more constant progress.


i myself would like to see xp beyond max level if possible since the game seemingly still gives it to you even after lvl 100 and i know that have so much of it xD heres a battle count my mech class had before they changed to not be able to see anymore lol



@Lyya The Champions Level 20 is not fulfilled, but green…


Ah thanks, I’ll investigate.


This should now be fixed, I believe. Thanks for the report.



  1. Is the change intended?
  2. how can #1 have more than 2100 levels if only 21 classes exist?


She removed the champion level leaderboard, that is the hero level one


So will the champion level leaderboard come back or was this removal intended?


Just the menu link was removed(?), the ranking still works. I hope also the link will come back, i think it is just a bug.

Also the link for the Playstation Invasion is buggy, from the menu you get https://gowdb.com/ps/extras/leaderboards/invasion missing the last “s” https://gowdb.com/ps/extras/leaderboards/invasions - this one is working.


Yes, sorry, just a bug. I’ll restore the link today. Thanks for the report!


10th position for me on Underworld Renown leaderboard on Xbox One, woo hoo!