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GoWDB: Ingots and Pet Food now in My Collection

Originally posted to http://gowdb.com:

Ingots and Pet Food now in My Collection

Hello everyone,

A short note to say that I’ve added Ingots and Pet Food to the My Collection feature (PC/Mobile, PS, Xbox). I’ve also consolidated the Souls and Traitstones columns into a single Resources column. Hopefully this is of help in your search for a complete collection!

As always, please contact me at @Lyya on the forums or via ashenbloom@gmail.com with feedback.



Note that pet food is represented strangely as the resource requirements overlap between white and colored food. Therefore I’ve not flagged either as red if you’re short; you’ll need to watch for that yourself.


Thank you as always, although now I’m in the odd position of wanting to know but also remain ignorant of the over 4,000 legendary ingots and 1,000 mythic ingots I lack… :smirk:



Idea: Can you show next to the faction (which have no stars) the current Renown (max. 2500)?

I can look into adding that, sure.

Done (though sloppily – I will need to make this look better).

Also added a “Cards” resource type to track the number of copies of a given card you might have that is holding you back from complete ascension (for troops and pets) or simply ownership (for weapons).



Personally I’m not a big fan of putting all the resources in one column. It distracts from what you’re actually tracking and in my case I now actually cannot see the traitstone resources I need anymore unless I keep scrolling left/right. More information is not always better - I don’t know how other people are using it, but I never really had the need to track souls or cards needed to fullt ascend. Perhaps an option to merge the “Traits” column and the traitstones that are required to fully trait it?

I do like the change in the checklist where it only shows the required traitstones if it’s relevant, instead of x/0 which made it sometimes difficult to have a good overview of resources required.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

“Rare Ingot” filter is also picking up “Ultra-‘Rare Ingot’”. I don’t think that will be a fun fix since I don’t think you can do “Ingot 2” but maybe just set rarity=2 by default when you click on the rare ingot shortcut in the resource pane?

I understand; I’ll see if there’s a way to support both, perhaps another checkbox to show/hide souls and cards in the main table.

Yeah, that’s a tough one. I don’t have a good fix for that short of changing the human-readable field text to type codes. I’ll see what I can do.

Added some options to help with filtering down the resources for those who don’t care:



Thank you! :+1:

My insight for Version 4.0 is growing, so i think the troop calculation of Kingdoms with a Faction in the underground needs the troops from there added to theirs. i.e. Whitehelm
With the troops from “The Ocularen Temple” more than 9 stars (12) are already possible.

Yep, I’m aware; I haven’t found where the “sister kingdom” relationship is in the data files, and I would prefer this to be an automated process if at all possible. It may not be client-side at all, in which case I’ll have to hack it.

More excellent updates to gowdb. Thank you.

Okay, I see how this is structured, and unfortunately it’s going to take some significant work to fix it.

The concept of multiple kingdoms for one troop was not something I accounted for anywhere in GoWDB, which has some unfortunate consequences. For example, troop table kingdom dropdown and search all assumes only one kingdom, and changing this is not easy. I’ll have to think about how best to handle this; stay tuned.

Thanks @Lyya, really appreciated!

Okay, dual kingdoms should be working now in the troop lists, troop table, and My Collections for troops that are faction-aligned. Whitehelm should also show as unlocked. Please let me know if anything else is wrong, I’ve had to jockey around a lot of code to accomodate the changes.


for mythic pets the resources are showing as 0 instead of ‘Blank’
I use the resource sort to quickly find what troops have anything remaining to upgrade on them.


Thanks, I will fix.