White Pet Food for Diamonds

Let us use Diamonds to craft white pet food.
You don’t want your customer (like me) feeling like they are playing wrong by maxing Cosmetic Pets and Faction pets and therefore being constantly out of pet food.

Is the exact opposite balance wise of what these resources should be.

None of you on the staff play nearly enough to know how shitty it feels to have to farm pet food from pet rescues. Once a player gets a pet to Mythic, they shouldn’t be expected to have to do more of that per rescue just to get food. It’s simply ridiculous… But also only effects a small portion of your player base that actually care about pets.

So why should you care? Because that portion that cares about pets is also responsible for 90% of your income. So how’s that for “gem value” justification? :roll_eyes:


VIP 5 and up… If you’re also frustrated by the lack of pet food… But on this matter don’t feel like you need to state what vip level you are.
And before free to play gets all in the feels…
It’s not that you don’t deserve an opinion on this, I just doubt your wasting gems on getting pets to Mythic right when they’re released. A lot of the food is sucked away by the 2-4 new pets released each month while the game is balanced for only 1-2. That’s a significant disproportional income compared to outcome.

Why do I have so many Garnets?
Because out of 13 brown pets. Only 2 are cosmetic or a Faction pet. So I haven’t had to craft any food from the resource. Since it’s actually the only balanced pet to food ratio in the game.

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Make all pets available, not just the chosen ones.
All the mystics constantly used are already, and the rare ones can not be further pumped. It is not right

I agree. Please devs, there’s gotta be a way you can help us by allowing some other resource to craft food.

At the very least raise an existing resource: shards… We can earn portal shards after completing delve floors, can you add jewel shards to pet rescues?

I realize I should be last one complaining because I have a high # of pets maxed (was ok with buying gems & have a decent amount of white food), but sooner or later I will run out & hesitate to level a pet I can’t feed.

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