If the delve faction team process is being made easier, then the faction pets should really come with some pet food

The price to feed these things really start to add up quickly when there are no associated pet rescues to do 20+ times to max out said pet.

The faction pet should be the prize and the difficult part of the journey, not the silly pet food.

  1. Yes, I know you can craft pet food, but that’s not cost efficient long term.
  2. Yes, I know you can do other pet rescues to get food for delve pets, but its equally stupid to think: “Hi Moon Moon, I’m only rescuing you so I can feed my Tiny Dancer tonight.”
  3. Yes, I can buy baskets for Pet Food. No, I don’t think its logical to reward people pets, but expect people to buy Pet Food. Yes, its fair (loosely) to sell pets, but no… its not fair to sell Pet food alone unless properly monetized in a separate category and not piggybacking off the Pet Shop in a Pet Event.

9 delves and more to come once per month. Feeding these pets are going to be pricey
when delve faction teams are fixed/made easier and the majority will have some degree of leveled up pets.

Forward thinking.


I actually never considered this to be an issue up until now that you just brought it up.

100% agreed, nice suggestion! Faction pets that we get for reaching the corresponding milestone on the way to 2500 renown should come along with enough matching color food to instantly upgrade it to the highest possible rarity we just unlocked

(I inadvertenly dodged this problem as I’ve done every pet rescue I’ve ever saw, mainly to have an excess of all pet food colors and to get those 18k gold)

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Why does crafting pet food need to be cost efficient? What else are you doing with all those coloured jewels?

I’m not good/patient/stubborn enough to max out Delves with the pure faction team but I have thousands upon thousands of jewels waiting to be turned into pet food as soon as I need them.

Do you not do Dungeons daily? If not, maybe consider doing that as your source of pet food.

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I used mine for summoning stones

Those colored jewels get used up much faster than they appear, even if you have thousands.

Fair enough - I’d assumed you were further along the path to fully Mythic troops.

In any case, I don’t think end-gamers really need a resource sink removed. Well balanced choices of how to best use resources are fun, and I don’t have many left in Gems of War.

I don’t orb all of my Raid or Invasion troops nor do I want to buy Tier 6 each time. I pull keys during new mythic troop week, but because there are so many troops in the chest, I don’t actually pull what I need for those lower troops a large portion of the time.

Its not a topic to remove crafting Pet food from the Soul Forge (but I do think its unnecessary clutter and could be done in a better way.) Pet food should not be a true resource sink and only supplement food here or there. These faction pets being taken to Mythic require a high amount of food and with 1 faction a month, only gets worse and worse.

1 faction pet a month out outpaces the amount of colored jewels you can get in the Dungeon to feed said pets.

Other normal pets are easy enough to maintain as you tend to get food while rescuing those pets during pet events keeping it around or slightly under 1:1 when maxed.

For a reminder/reference: You get 100 colored crystals for completing a dungeon without paying 50 gems or $5 for a dungeon pack.

It costs 125 crystals for 1 colored pet food. It take a lot of pet food to feed a pet to mythic.

If you could convince the developers to let us craft White pet food for only souls; I still don’t think its a true answer, but it would be a viable alternative to what we currently have.

I understand your position, but I disagree that the system needs changing. From your posts and as an experienced end-gamer, you clearly know how you could change your resource allocation (including time in game) to improve your pet food gain, so this is far from an insoluble problem.

The devs clearly intended pet food to be a resource sink, otherwise why even have the system in the first place?

You can craft souls with diamonds; doesn’t mean anyone should

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That’s a false analogy, so I’ll try to make my point clearer. If sufficient pet food to fully level a pet is always provided at the same time as acquiring the necessary number of pets to ascend, then why have pet food at all? It would be an unnecessary additional currency. So clearly the intention was that in some cases, a player would not have sufficient pet food at the time they ascended their pets, and your suggestion would defeat that purpose.

Do I like the pet food system? Not particularly. But the devs wouldn’t implement it only to make it completely irrelevant.

How is that a false analogy? Crafting souls with Diamonds is a system in place in the Soul Forge. An available resource sink. Why have it in place? I don’t know! Somehow new players want it (in the dev’s mind)?

And this current pet food system was put in place before they implemented factions and does not take faction pets into consideration in regards to cost.

If it takes 7 colored pet foods to go from a level 1 pet to level 5 pet, and each 1 pet food costs 125 colored jewels (which is 25 jewels more expensive than whats given in a colored dungeon each week), in what bloody world is it a good idea to expect to craft enough food to feed a new faction pet to max when it takes more than 7 weeks to craft enough food just for level 5. It only gets way more expensive from there.

A new faction pet releases each month.

Treasure Maps
Guild Seals
Vault Keys
Chaos Shards
Chaos Orbs
Gold Keys
Glory Keys
Gem Keys
Event Keys
VIP Keys
Guild Keys
Pet Food
Forge Scrolls
Guildmate Gifts

Why wouldn’t they have unnecessary additional currency? :grin:

Really, these pets could have been fed with Souls and nobody would have batted an eyelid.

The devs implement a lot of things that make sense at the time and just need to be updated from time to time. This is one of those times, adding pet food rewards to match faction renown pet rewards.

Okay, I will admit that in entering this discussion I hadn’t run the numbers on converting coloured jewels into pet levels. I felt like I had a good stash built up until I just calculated that you need over 13,000 coloured jewels to level a single pet to 20 (I don’t have 13,000 of any colour).

Now that I understand this, I can see better your analogy to Diamonds for Souls. It’s still not completely accurate, as in a normal player progression, Souls cease to be useful well before Diamonds, whereas Pet Food continues to be useful after there are no other uses for Jewels, but I concede the point that the value in converting so many Jewels to so little Food seems much weaker than other Soulforge recipes.

I agree that this game could do with fewer currencies and pets could have been levelled with Souls. But I don’t think that means that the devs will want to make pet levelling any quicker. When pure faction runs become more possible, and I get more of the regular pets up to Mythic, I can see that I’ll probably run out of pet food. But it’ll make all those pet rescues for pets I already have Mythic become interesting again, so I don’t see it as a bad thing.

Nevertheless, I will do the calculations and see how many extra Pet Rescues it’ll take to cover a faction pet to level 20. It could be the case that this is also more of a grind than I’d like and an extra food boost would be a good idea.

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Nice suggestion

This option is your best choice. I doubt devs will take on your request unfortunately.

I never skip a pet rescue and…