White Pet Food (less than 15)

Let us use diamonds to craft white pet food please in the soul forge.


Present dilemma…
I can’t craft Eggplosion because I used all my green jewels to get City of Thieves Faction pet to level 10. (Even though it’s ascended to Mythic. :roll_eyes:)
Meanwhile I have 37k diamonds just collecting digital dust with all my other useless resources… Because…
No one cares about balance in this game outside of the gem/gold economy. I know it’s a 1% problem to have. But it’s still a problem that 0% should have.

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You already used up all your diamond shards also?

Absolutely. They went into green jewels.

I tried back in April. Some people really didn’t want faction pets to get pet food to go with it.

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Did those people coincidentally not care about Pets or Factions?
Did you get an official response at anytime?

  1. yes
  2. no

I don’t think the devs notice the problem with the system at all. I mentioned it in the Q&A and their idea was adding pet food to the AB…


I agree it sucks, but I’m not optimistic it will ever be changed, seeing how long it’s taking to address delve issues in general (e.g. pure faction teams).

In the meantime, at this point we’re getting so many pet rescues that are already maxed that it’s relatively easy (although quite boring) to build a stash of pet food. I’m certain you know this already, but extra pets already at mythic can be traded for pet food of the corresponding color… I always try to have 50+ food of each color in reserve just in case, usually comes in handy whenever a new faction is released.


Are player’s adventure board exactly same everyday or just on days deeds are included? Today’s AB included white pet food which reminded me of this thread.

Already did all zaejin challenges? You get a 140 green jewels for the tier viii challenge…

Not sure if just in zaejin, or not in other green kingdoms too (forest of thorns, maugrim woods etc). If it’s the other 2 as well, it’s 420 jewels just from challenges. More than half of the eggsplosion costs.

Edit. It should be green jewels in each green mastery kingdom. Zaejin, forest of thorns, maugrim woods, zhul’khari, bright forest (from what I can see so far).

That’s 840 green jewels.


Thanks…I literally discovered this 4 hours ago. Lol
Someone in global said something about jewels in challenges then I went back to the patch notes to verify it. And saw what you’re saying…
I got this far before I started to fall back to sleep due to it.

But I’ll definitely be able to craft Eggplosion this week. So great looking out!! :grinning:
(Still won’t be enough to take care of the pet issue unfortunately…I don’t think)
I was waiting until the next vault weekend before I grinded through all the challenges.


Yea you get 20 green jewels for each challenge viii, so 7x20.

I just roll gobtruffle crew, goes fast and smooth🤣

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