Pets pets pets ....and locked at needing pets

I normally don’t look at the overall state of my account, but today I decided to take a peek at Gemologica to see where I am at in regards to my kingdoms.

The number kingdoms stalled because of needing PETS at 20th level (1 or 2) is telling that. I won’t buy anything anymore because of how expensive everything is. I used to have a $10 a month purchase for the longest time with this game, but even that after a few years and the number of things that became - only available if you purchased - just became out of control.

Anyway still love Gemologica for looking at the whole picture. Stil love that GoWDB still works… but both show me that I might as well just

What is really a bummer is #missing after 6 years of playing

45 Pets
146 weapons
32 Mythics (I actually thought it was much higher but that’s actually not too bad when you stop and think the last time I got a Mythic on a mythic week was about 10 months back)


A bunch of pets are paid exclusives, that are only available through campaign passses. A few more are exclusive during holiday events (the golden ones, that you can get, when you got all the regular ones). And of course, if you miss on a normal event pet, that one is gone for good too (unless you pay later).

I would not focus too much on the numbers. If you need one for a kingdom star, there is still a moderate chance to get it within a year or two through daily gem and arena offers

The cosmetic pets arent required in almost all kingdoms until like power 28 or something (5 pets).

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Oh I know - the nice part about Gemologica is = it shows me for that only. My kingdoms are at 90% stalled because of needing to get 1 to 2 pets at 20th level.

Like I said, since I started checking kingdom offers daily and doing arena sometimes two or three years ago, clearing the pet hurdle became a lot easier. 50 gems for a pet or 150 for three is still a pretty good offer.
Keep going for it, and soon you will be book-locked on 26 too.

I haven’t seen a pet offer for gems in 6 months at least outside of paid passes. Only those event pets I’ve already rescued long ago. I still buy them with real money though, because I have a few pets that only miss 1 or 2 copies to get to the highest level. Unfortunately those I missed never showed up, even several years later.

At a time my progress in almost 30 kingdoms was pet blocked simultaneously. But after buying every pet offer and campaign passes etc with real money since then, mythics have become a bigger problem to me now.

Some kingdoms like Broken Spire are still at power level 9 despite having 6 or 7 fully upgraded pets there, while others are at power level 27.

Still I want the pets more than I would want the mythics…

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I was also in the same boat, but since they did the Kingdom trials, I’ve been able to complete the “needing 1 or 2 pets” level for my Kingdoms. It is the cheapest way to max out a pet at 1000 gems.

There’s still a good amount of pet rescues that happen in the guild (it’s raining pets on Vault weekend) and now I have the opposite problem - not enough pet food! LOL. I got 8 pets I can’t feed. Thankfully, there’s the merchant in the explore levels that I can buy pet food for gold from. :sweat_smile:

We’ll find those missing pets for you!

As for mythics - that’s a tough one if you want to only get the one you’re missing. Dungeon grinding is slow to get diamonds and the other way is to farm the Vault which goes much quicker, but for that to happen you have to farm the Vault Event and do a lot of GaPs. Last event I farmed 600 vault keys (I had lots of time since I was dry fasting and just laying around) :rofl:

If you don’t mind getting duplicates, then the 40K weekly guild chests are a good bet as well.

Thank goodness for Gemologica for telling us all what we need! :heart_eyes:

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If you have and are willing to spend the orb you only need to buy 2 shinny pet offers. The orb will the mythic the pet so long as you clear all 5 trails.

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