Specific Delve Faction Pet information

I have come to find that there is no specific text based guide to obtaining a faction pet. Originally I was under the impression that you would get it once beating level 500 (like beating level 8 in a pet rescue). I had forgotten about the faction troops only delve, and was at level 1990 and had to wait for a delve event to use the faction troops.

Can we get a guide specifically about how pets are obtained (reaching 2000 delve points), and possibly some tips on how to do so? I think it would be helpful for new and older players alike to have a guide on the guidelines (minimums) across the four sections of faction points to reach the first pet so it is clear for all what you need to do at the least to get it.

I don’t want others to experience the rage I did when finally beating level 500 and not getting the pet, but I’ve only beaten one fully at this point and someone else might be better suited to guide. Thanks!

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I misunderstood what you were asking. Sorry :sweat_smile:

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Go to a faction, click Faction Info, click Faction Rewards and then scroll down…you see how much renown you need to get faction pets. Well, actually the requirements and rewards are the same for every faction, only the pet is changing from on to the other.


Well pet comes at 2k renown.
You can get maximum 500 for hoard level, 1000 for higest delve completed, 500 for highest delve without losing troops, and 500 for highest delve with delve team.
Thus, there’s 2 possible approaches to get the pet. Both assume that you have level 100 hoard (=500 points). What you choose will depend fully on your owned troops and strategy.

  1. Go straight to level 500 delve with your best team (non faction).

That would net you the pet itself, as you total 2k points for that.

Advantage = more team building opportunities, when you don’t have to udr a single kingdom team. Thus stronger possible teams, so easier runs.
Disadvantage = takes quite longer, 3 sigils day = 30 levels/day, 210 levels/week, almost 3 weeks to max it.
Disadvantage = if later on you decide to go for faction team runs, you’re starting them directly at 500.

  1. Go for a balanced delve level, without pushing for 500, using faction teams.
    For each level increase, you get 10 points for the delve run itself, 20 points for not losing troops, and 10 points for faction team. So 40 points/perfect run, with faction team. You need to net 1500 to score the pet (assuming level 100 hoard).

That’s roughly level 380 delve with full faction team and no lost troops.
This approach may be easier than going full 500 with non delve team, depending on your troops and the delve itself.

Advantage = less runs needed, you get the pet in 1 and half weeks.
Disadvantage = you gotta use a single kingdom/faction team. Some factions have decent troops, others are a pain to run with their own teams.


This is more what I was looking for @BelethS , thank you. I did a run to 500, didn’t lose any troops at 490 and had hoard at 100 however I could not win 500 without losing a troop. Therefore I needed a faction only win, but was too high for that as well…so I waited for an event only needing 10 points.

The problem I’m seeing people have is that they are thinking (like I did) that completion = pet when it does not. A good rule of thumb my guild has discovered is if you do a faction delve at level 100, you only need to try to get to about 470 instead of 500 to acquire the pet.

That said, the information itself isn’t anywhere, and just looking down a list which at first seems to be ingots and gold etc until you scroll down far enough, is counterintuitive to me. It would be great if it were included in the delve zendesk information but it doesn’t really say anything about acquiring and leveling faction pets other than it is possible.

Thanks guys for your responses! Anyone with tips and tricks to getting the pets, please post them here for reference!

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I don’t think I quite understand. You can still play Level 500 again and try not to lose any troops, preferably in straight-to-the-boss path run. There is no limit for trying as long as you have daily scrolls.

As base 2K renown is pretty much a standard for all Factions to achieved, you will get a pet for sure, for rarity, it goes like this…

2,000 renown - Rare Pet (can be feed to Ultra-Rare)
2,100 renown - Epic Pet
2,300 renown - Legendary Pet
2,500 renown - Mythic Pet

Getting to other checkout doesn’t really matter, like gaining 2,400 renown have no effect on your pet rarity, just got more copies.


I tried about a dozen times to not lose a troop at 500 and it was a no go. Therefore my option (personally) was to wait for a faction event to do a basic run to get those ten points.

I think this has become more confusing with my personal experience and for that I am sorry. My point was just that I’ve noticed a lot of people were under the impression that beating 500 = pet acquisition, which isn’t the case.

I was hoping with this thread that it would become clearer to people searching for information what is necessary for actually obtaining the pet. I don’t think it’s laid out very clearly in the FAQ in Zendesk the how of getting it, just that it is possible. When other guild mates and people in chat were asking how, exactly, to obtain the pet, there wasn’t a resource to send them to for information, and even seeing that it takes 2000 points (if they even think to scroll down that far) still doesn’t tell you how.

If there could be a easily Google-able source of “how” and different tips from different people (whether that is this thread or not), I think it could be vastly helpful to the community - new and older players alike.

Hope that is more clear! :slight_smile:

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I found this page because I got stuck at reaching 2000 Renown in my faction and was wondering how to collect all the copies of the pet at level 2500. After reading the posts here I can confirm that I was able to complete the additional 500 renown by using the faction team at level 500 which gave me the remaining renown points in one go.

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Not sure if this will be helpful for anyone, but I have a system that works well and is easy to remember. While working my way up to level 500, I stop and do a pure faction team run at level 300. Why? Because then when I get to level 500 and do a deathless run, my score gets up to exactly 2300 (1000 from the level 500 run, 500 from the level 500 deathless run, 500 from hoard level 100, and 300 from the level 300 pure faction run). That way the faction pet is at legendary rarity, maximizing the faction team stats for the level 500 pure faction run with a minimum of effort.

Hope that’s helpful for someone!