No offers for delve crafting resources when all delves are at 2500 faction points

Daily offers are something I look forward to and appreciate the option for. As I have all current delves completed it would be nice not to see offers for delve materials. It seems like it should work like let offers where it shuts off when pets aren’t blocking any kingdom star progression.


I always buy the Pet Offer in the hopes that they will keep offering me pets. I bought 3 Manticubs the other day for 150 gems, even though it was already just waiting on food to advance to Mythic.

150 gems for 3 yellow food (plus the white food included) may seem crazy, but not as crazy as offering me “Crafting Resources” that I will never buy.

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I got this today and have completed all delves/factions, 55k etc. If this is what you meant?


How about some people having been offered five or six imperial deeds while others still sit at 0? It’s blatantly unfair.


Yes like underworld cache. That’s the type of offer That is unnecessary for people will all delves completed. There are plenty of ways to get chaos shards like daily and weekly delves, not to mention challenges.

I’m curious if it is horde-based. As in, if you get all faction hordes to level 500 then the offer may no longer appear.

If anyone wants to spend 500-trillion gold making out all the hordes then let me know if that’s the case. :smile:

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That would just be insane and counterproductive to spend to 500 everywhere. I guarantee no one has done that and no one ever will. We can complete easy factions with faction teams using much lower hoards.