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Daily Deals are Appalling

Stop the horrendous repeated garbage you offer as: " this is customised to help you" - daily deal nonsense. Well I for one dont want to be offered delve and crafting wealth nonsense ever y day. Yes everyday. Every day nearly the same offer, day after day. They are an insult to every players intelligence and their wallets. Offer what we actually need; something to believe we can actually make some progress. The drip feed mentality you are currently using with daily offers, a smidgen of progress , here and there ; is actually reprehensible gaming . Offer the worthwhile; offer with real substance and yes we will bite- we will pay. Offer dregs and dross as per usual -well we will fill your forums with complaints. Give us substance or well face gaming exodus. Your choice. Seriously give substance in your daily deals. A deal should be a two way transaction -you win, the player wins. Current deals are not deals -there is nothing in them for the majority of players. So no deal on your current deals. I will boycott them. Still I’m a sucker : Offer ; go on make me offers I cant refuse. I wont hold my breathe though- self preservation.

I mythiced 5 event troops, mythicied a pet, and gained several kingdom power levels thanks to this new system. I’m two troop offers away from having all troops at mythic, and I will patiently wait a few days for that offer to pop up. just ignore the junk.


I’m guessing you are an end game player who has maxed most pets, and completed most kingdoms stars. Because in that scenario you’ll be offered the useless offers as you described cause you already have everything lol. What is happening to you is not happening to players below you. I was close to that level a few weeks ago, but thanks to the offers with pets I’ve completed a few kingdom powers ive been waiting for.

Not all daily offers are fantastic, but if you are close to a power level the game is more likely to throw you a pet/troop offer to help you close it up.

So I think the offer system has been great. Sure the pricing are crazy high for some and I’d never go for them, but there are many for 50/150 i did, so this seems more like an extreme end gamer issue.

That’s only part of the case. The problem with the offers is that there are trigger points that occur, as mentioned in several threads. I’m not extreme end game, and I get the same issues as @NowayJoe2Go who has everything. I have nearly everything.

I don’t think the offers are appalling, my opinion is they could be less generic.

My issues are that none of the kingdoms I have are blocked by pets and the two troops that I haven’t at mythic (count three when raid is over this time) do not block a kingdom. In other words, at this time, there is 0 point in raising them. I made sure when those troops were out, Envoy of Pride and Tyran and Rex to check if getting them to Mythic raised the kingdom level, it didn’t, so I didn’t bother.

I do not need to buy the offers for them, as both will be in the pools when we try for the new Mythic next week. I’ll hopefully get them to mythic there. If not, if I’m a couple of copies short, I can always take that deal if I’m impatient. TBH I probably won’t until that kingdom can be uprated.

All the other offers are not pets. Shards, I took 1 for 4 Genie’s Lamps when it was 300 gems. I’m waaaay behind with shards as I’m not levelling faction 500 via events, non potion only, so that offer is more applicable to me than most. And tbh, it’s overpriced, by 50%, imho. 150/200 gems is fair.

The remaining offers are like this.

Yesterday I had the common and rare medal offers? Now tbh, those are actually ridiculous really. You can get them in half an hour of explore or via guild tasks each week.

I don’t need wisdom orbs, and I would suspect many don’t and people would be more inclined to buy major ascension or major clan orbs, so they would be better being offered. Even at a rate of 2 a month.


There’s no chance me buying any wisdom or growth orbs.

Personally for me, the offers that are tailored to me are;

GW Troops
Genies Lamps and Shards (at good value)
Any of the pets I don’t have at Mythic
Anu or Nysha Medals at 250 and 400 gems pricepoint.

I’ve had 1 Anu offer at 500 gems - nope too much.
Genies Lamps most days
None of the others and at the moment you can’t get them.

I don’t think we can get offers for legendary troops, just epic rarity and below.

If we could give feedback, I’d ask if we could get offers for all troops not yet mythic. I’m sure people will part with gems for Imps and GW troops.

And that’s why the offers are too generic, and people won’t part with as many gems as devs would like.


That’s the smart gem saving way.

Buy event troop to legendary when it wont raise kingdom power.
Buy the monthly mythic, hopefully gaining a few copies of event troops too.

When you do need to mythic an event troop for a kingdom power level, its 120 gems for 3 copies. Which could save you 500 gems or more per event troop depending on how many copies you picked up going for mythics.


I was always under the impression that what they give you depends on your vip level. I think I’ve only gotten a chaos orb offer once and have never gotten an ascension orb offer ever.

VIP 6 I think gets 25% discount on right most offer. Some offers are >=VIP 6 exclusive and have no discount.

Agree - they make no sense.

I have the writ offer today …150 writs for 200 gems (that’s 1.5 deeds). I also have 2 deeds of air for 300 gems.

The writ offer values a deed at 133 gems. The deed offer values them at 150. Unless you believe the added gold (15k vs 60k) makes up that difference; then the choice is quite clear.

The blocker for most people is going to be Imperial Deeds anyway - I’m not sure there’s a reason to buy offers of Writs or Deeds.

In my case, all I’ve purchased are some of the Pet offers (50 Gems per pet is better value than the Pet Rescue shop) and a few of the Class Exp offers since I’m not a heavy grinder. However, I’ve noticed my gem stash start trending downward, so I’m not buying Class Exp anymore and I’m being pickier about Pet offers.

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You can get 1 imperial deed for 1000 writs in soulforge.

True, some folks might consider an Imperial Deed to be worth 1300+ Gems. I don’t.