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Daily Offers Insult Players

For goodness sake offer something beyond drip feed increments for player advancement. You want players to spend gems - then like the godfather you are -offer them something they cant refuse. The pitiful this may help you get a tiny bit further in a hierarchy of unimportance is a blant insult to reasonable intelligence. What a waste of time and effort are your daily deals. Nothing but game quitting nonsense.
Meaning: actually for goodness sake just for once: offer something a player can actually use NOW. You know-Right NOW. In the immediate NOW. Obviously too hard.


Oh look! A daily deal that I can use RIGHT NOW and can’t refuse. Your wish is granted! Thanks for bringing this to the dev’s attention so they could fix it so fast. Lil’ Billy has been holding pan’s vale progress hostage for a while now.


Do you have any examples of what you mean? Specific to your situation as a player, what kind of things would you want to see in the daily offers?


I kind of like the daily deals. I am not very high level, 145 and I’ve used the trait packs to upgrade troops I otherwise wasn’t able to despite exploring and trying to earn enough. Its helped me have enough troops with complete traits to power level up my kingdom. I just unlocked soulforge and idk if those daily deals are useful or not. I never buy the troop offered though. I check everyday and usually have a need for traits and get them. I’m not sure what other deals they could offer. Maybe weapon upgrade deals with ingots instead of troops traitstones. Unless I’ve overlooked something like that then that would be cool to see because it’s hard for me to to upgrade most of my weapons to any real level.

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@better_babs, small hint from more experienced player:
try to unlock underworld and do some delving there (might not be easy, but you can probably beat most of factions lvl 20 - 30 - 40ies, which should give you enough reown to start getting free ingots every day (mostly commons, but sometimes you can get better stuff),
also finishing delve, gives you a chance for legendary/mythic ingots

as for this topic:
i personaly dont see offers as insulting, they are either worth or not worth spending my gems. dont know what’s so much offending for you


I see daily offers as just another optional aspect of the game. If I see something I like, I get it. If not, then I’m not worse off than before it was introduced.


Hey thanks. I appreciate the advice and am finally on the kingdoms that I must complete go enter the underworld so it’s good to know I can get stuff there. I wasn’t real sure what I would find there. So maybe the daily deals arent set up to help with weapons cause you can get help in the underworld. I figure most game dev. know what they are doing. Thanks again


I dont know what the daily deals are set up for except frustration. How kind of 505 to offer one miserable pet when I need 15 of the critters to move forward. Talk about insulting. Its unworthy of the game and unworthy of my time. Then I wait what six months for the next pet. You block progress and expect our gratitude. Well you dont have it.

you can always buy some baskets in pet event shop and get all the copies you need in one go…
it requires some gem spending (like 2-2,5k to get a new cosmetic pet up to mythic), but it’s definately faster

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I’ve stopped looking at daily offers - I just click on it to get rid of the ! :frowning:

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The deals are for people to spend gems to gain kingdom power levels :thinking:
If you have no gems, no patience, or need no kingdom power level gain then these deals are not for you.

Otherwise on average you can buy pet for 50 gems each and epics for 40 gems. Much cheaper than pet or event shop.


to bad same doesn’t work for ads :frowning_face: