Daily Deals (Ghulvania this time)

You know what I’m about to post, so there’s no need to properly fill the bug report form.
Let’s put this as a 6.4 request that you have to urgently relay to the dev team (assuming there are more than one person).


Thank you for the info. My strategy is to wait here to get an info if it is right to upgrade. Sounds like it is not from your experience so I stopped below until this issue is attended.

You would think fixing the daily deal issue would be fairly high priority considering its an opportunity to part us from gems. Maybe not.

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Spending gems does not benefit the company, only spending money. This issue affects only end gamers and they have enough gems that they could buy fixed daily deals without using real money to buy gems. Getting early gamers to spend gems by contrast is good for the company as some fraction of them will buy gems for cash, hence the focus on early game monetisation options

I am over level 1400 but i still would be unable to afford each daily deal on offer in the long term. I need gems for events, guild wars, dungeon diamonds and my remaining factions. So it would make financial sense to offer me something i want/need which would necessitate gem purchases with cash. So not fixing the issue is poor economy for them when it comes to players like me who cant collect 20 tributes per day.

But the topic is fixing the utterly useless daily deals, not making every single deal something you would buy. That wouldn’t happen because most of the offers are keys, medals and other overpriced (but relevant) stuff you wouldn’t buy anyway

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Which means if they fixed the deals to be useful/tempting then you might invest some of your gem stash and i might spend cash. We want the same thing; useful stuff…but the end gamers who stick around are a minority. You’ve basically just announced to the devs that dailies you want won’t cost a penny so why are they going to bother catering to that? Apart from campaign pass end gamers spend nothing.

@OminousGMan may I inquire as to why all other bug reports are being addressed except for daily offer reports such as this thread?

It would be nice if the devs took an effort towards retention and not just the guild managers in game. A little acknowledgement can go a long way.

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I think once a gem buyer always a gem buyer. But im a totally free to playhole