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[Reported] Inappropriate Offers (Daily Deals)

Window 10, Steam

Screenshot or image:

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I should be receiving offers for pets, or other items that can assist in upgrading kingdoms, instead, I keep receiving Daily Offers for Common and Rare troops that I already have more than 4 Mythic copies of.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This is a daily occurrence that started happening about 2 patches ago.

Steps to make it happen again
Wait 24h for the next offer.

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Known issue. You can make it stop by medalling 5 troops in Zaejin to bronze.


Added a bit. :slight_smile:


There isn’t really any fix planned. Going by past bug reports they don’t consider it an issue, just inconvenient for players. They said they would possibly review the topic if they ever find themselves underworked.


Nobody said, there’s one already being implemented :man_shrugging:

Whole offers system will have to be reviewed at some point. Some offers added, some removed. That’s a good moment to fix such inappropriate things. As long as they are tracked and kept in one place.

From now on, there are at least 2 issuses with offers:

  • “Common troops” being offered when player needs to medal troops
  • “Event keys” being offered when there aren’t any unowned/mythic troops to meet the cryteria of have XX troops leveled to 20/ unlock 3 traits on XXX troops
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This is my problem too.
I keep getting troop offers from Zaejin which can not be upgraded to higher power levels.

Fix it please!

Eh, as Fourdottwoone said, I don’t know if this is a thing they’re considering fixing. It’s not on the list of known issues (link) and probably not a priority. I expect at some point, eventually, somebody will say “lets see how we can get people to buy more daily offers”, they’ll review them and finally link this type of kingdom power condition to a different offer (the medal offers I would assume).

I wouldn’t wait on that happening. And ultimately, I don’t think it makes a big difference - you’ll either get a common troop offer that you don’t want to take or when fixed, a medal offer that you probably won’t want either. I’d highly recommend working on medalling the necessary troops for a chance at an actually useful offer :slight_smile:


Keira Knightley not being my GF is no more an issue to her than troop offers that don’t actually help medal troops are an issue to the devs.

There is no work around. There is a solution. And that is so medal 5 bronze troops. As others have already stated.

Unfortunately the devs are beyond logical reason in this regard.

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That’s not a solution… that’s a workaround… medalling troops makes the offer go away, but it doesn’t fix the problem, that offer is inapporietly linked to kingdom reqirement.

Exactly my point of view:

To be 100% clear: I don’t expect it to happen soon. I’d say it won’t happen earlier than 2022…

Oh a forums semantics argument… I’ve never had this happen before…

The devs consider this offer to be working as intended.

So 100 bug reports won’t change it. (Unless people consider just it feedback and not actually different bug Reports.)

But a “workaround” can only exist if a bug exists. Since there’s not actually a bug according to the ones who make the game. The solution is to do what the Kingdom Requirement asks to make the offers go away.

Naah, solution is what prevents such things from happening again… and it will happen for sure, when another kingdom hits that requirement :wink:

So for me, its still a “workaround” for an issue (if devs refuse to call it a bug, call it an “issue” ).
Doesn’t matter, in the end.

Could you note such feedback from players (unless you got one already):
Troop offer for common troops that’s showning up in kingdom helper slot when player needs to medal X troops ins’t realy an offer that players expect it to be…

… There are 6 Kingdoms with this “Issue” currently.
You just don’t see it constantly reported because the players who are at that kind of end game learned after the first “bugged offers” that it this was intended behavior by the devs. So just upgrade it and move on.

I say this because I was the first player to report the “issue” and already argued with two separate devs about it being a bug. And now I get the pleasure of explaining to a peer how the devs don’t consider it a bug.

Call it a feedback. Does not matter. Thing is this should be changed. Not nessesary here and now, (because there’s a good workaround), but in future. It shouldn’t stay as it is now.

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Put me in the camp of “this is a bug whether devs cop to it or not.”

Because if it’s “working as intended” then the offer is supposed to help kingdom progression. This flat-out doesn’t.

The argument for all other “worthless” offers can be made that they are actually worth something because potential uses exist.

Like crafting materials might help if RNG denies enough mythics to necessitate a depletion of diamonds. That will never happen — but it could, so that offer isn’t technically worthless. Keys and chaos shards, same thing. Ingots are way more of a stretch, but (I guess?) a person could run out if enough weapons were dumped into the game, or if said person stopped playing PVP/delves. Medals, colored deeds, and delve treasures are overpriced (but what isn’t?), but at least those are drops in buckets toward kingdom/faction progression…

But copies of already mythic cards due to a kingdom progression requirement for medals? Straight-up nonsense. The offers should offer MEDALS, not try to help a player ascend a troop that CANNOT be ascended.

Would the offer be bought if it were “fixed?” I’d not recommend it, as the medals aren’t worth the gems.

But at least if a person were offered medals for gems in this event, they would be able to progress a kingdom.


OMG I can’t believe I didn’t figure this out on my own. So glad I clicked on this.

Thanks, for the workaround.

Not a good approach, because this topic will be back with a vengeance once we hit the 10 silver troops and 20 gold troops task. There won’t be any “upgrade and move on” workaround for those, they will poison our daily offers forever. The solution, of course, is to not show daily offers that can’t ever be useful to players, just like we don’t get flash offers for weapons we already own. Technically they could offer medals in such a situation, that’s what’s needed here. However, they already said they don’t want players to be able to buy medals this often, so anything other from the pool except surplus troops should do just fine and take minimal effort to implement.

Yeah that was the reply that was eventually passed on to me to me courtesy of @Lyrian. Stemming from my original complaint/bug report. This is just an echo chamber. Because there’s now 20 separate reports about this issue so it’s hard for others to see what’s been said already in the past. And promoting more bug reports about it won’t help it one bit. Make feedback threads about it sure. Or… Upgrade the troops and move on. (Which was all I was trying to say. It’s a kingdom Requirement, it has to be done to upgrade the kingdom. It does not hurt the player to upgrade their kingdom. “but Ryan I don’t want to do Explore!” Okay then get spammed with useless troop offers instead. Life and GoW aren’t fair bucko. 🤷

The devs need to fix the train wreck that is Lycanthropy. Top priority. Not shit offers.

To the best of my knowledge, that information is still correct as the most recent publicly released comments on the matter from Salty.

Whether 5.5 addresses the issue or not is only known by the devs at the moment. Beta testers are going to be chosen by tomorrow, from Kafka’s post, so beta should be starting on it within the next week or so. Beta, as of this post, is still on 5.4.

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I get ingot offers from daily and arens almost all the time because I need to upgrade 8 weapons when I only have 7 (or I have 8 but 1 is a doomed weapon) for two kingdoms.

Other offers I get are medals and treasures both of which I can’t figure out why I get them.

Fixing daily offers might help sell more gems for cash. Wouldn’t that be an incentive? Probably not…

At least I get one useful offer every two or three days. I even got to buy warcoins twice. Wow. :roll_eyes:

And with all the gems I’m saving I might be able to buy the imperial deed that pops up once every two months. Or the minor blue for 700 gems…

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