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[Reported] Inappropriate Offers (Daily Deals)

Now there’s an idea: offer some fluffin’ Forge Scrolls in Daily Deals, Devs, while you spend time fixing the tasks offering useless offers in reference to the blocking tasks.

I’d sure as horse-spit fork over gems for forge scrolls, unless of course they cost a gazillion gems more than Imperial Deeds (or whatever the outrageous cost could surely be implemented by people looking at “gem value” equations that don’t make sense as far as the players I know are concerned).

On a somewhat-related note: I’d also, if I was a player missing weapons, buy said actual weapons (not ingots) for gems, even if there was a premium upcharge due to avoiding the Soulforge time-gate.


Maybe you are not aware, at kingdom power level 24 you will have to upgrade 10 troops to silver to not get the useless troop offers. And at kingdom power level 27 you will have to upgrade 15 troops to gold to not get the useless troop offers. That’s not something you can achieve with a bit of exploring, or even with a huge amount of exploring. Leonis Empire will be at that point in a few weeks.


Sounds like someone other than myself for once should make a feature request. Regarding that bone headed decision and hope the devs listen.

Seems like a severe escalation that should be changed even without the crap offers. It still won’t be a bug in the eyes of someone of who doesn’t feel its broken.

Like I get that “bug reports” means the devs are reading my words. So it seems like the only platform to make sure we are being heard. Which is essentially what’s being done here. But if it’s abused it’s just going to become more white noise to them. So then actual bugs can’t be fixed/addressed. So once a dev has said it’s not a bug… An appeal has been made… They confirm it’s not a bug… Then “upgrade troops and move on”.

Just because you don’t like the answer. Doesn’t mean the answer will change. No matter of if you ask the question a 100 times or 1000 times.

I’ll pass, I suspect we are both blacklisted by now. :see_no_evil:

Just confirming this is a known issue - I’ll add it to the Known Issue article.

Usually when we say the Daily Deals offered aren’t a bug it’s in response to a different sort of report.

Elite Troops can only be achieved by using Medals so it makes sense the offer would have tokens, badges or medals - the deal having troops is incorrect and a bug.

I’m sorry if in the past we’ve said this specific Power task and associated deal aren’t a bug, that would have been a mistake on our part when responding.


tenor (13)

@Kafka in the past I tried to remedy the possible miscommunication and the attempt got the thread locked instead. 6 months later is better than no months later at all I guess.


I did report the bug last year when I said I had in that thread, Salty also gathered feedback from that thread.

I’ve brought it back up with the team today though.


Appreciate this :+1:

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@Saltypatra @Kafka

and what about the ‘weapons’ bug ?
For monthes, I got every day the same useless offer :grimacing:
(sorry my printscreens are in french) :
He offers me to buy ingots to raise a kingdom (Ghulvania or Khetar or Blighted lands) :

Well, cool, a possibility to upgrade a kingdom. Let’s check my ingots. Oh, strange, I have plenty of ingots :


So let’s see one of this kingdom ? What’s going on in Blighted land :

and what’s going on in Ghulvania :

Oh, it’s funny, I don’t need to upgrade a weapon, all my weapons are upgraded (except the doomed one, and this weapon doesn’t need ingots).
Let’s make a little analyse : the fact is I need a new weapon or scrolls to raise a doomed weapon.
So why the system is not offering me to buy a new weapon or even scrolls ?

Ingots are totally useless in my case !!!

I can’t do anything to avoid this (I’m still waiting a weapon in forge or flash offers).
As a result, I don’t spend my gems or $$$ in your offers, so less incomes for your company. What’s the goal ? It’s just boring

Please please please, change this stupid analyse …Thx


@Saltypatra @Kafka

a little reaction to my report please ? thx a lot

It’s been reported several times in the past, it’s considered working as intended. The game doesn’t do any deep inventory analysis, it just looks at open kingdom power tasks. Whenever there’s at least one weapon upgrade related one open you’ll get thrown random ingot offers. Weapon or forge scroll offers have already been ruled out, those are reserved for cash only.

EDIT: Not changing my comment below for transparency. Just adding that I missed that @CyberZ and @Fourdottwoone are talking about another issue that is not the OP. Whoops. Sorry. :woman_facepalming:

Poor Kafka got ignored in this thread.

They did react. Look at the title of your post. It says reported.

Also Kafka responded in this thread.

In this thread Kafka says this is a bug.

All his weapons that can be upgraded with ingots, are upgraded. So he should not receive Ingot offers of any kind.

So yes a bug. But a separate bug from the one reported as clarified further by @Fourdottwoone down below.

And when a dev edits your title you’re notified as the OP.
(But since Cyberz isn’t the OP, he wasn’t notified.)

Only devs/support staff will edit your titles anymore if it’s not done by the OP.


This bug report is about troops getting offered whenever your kingdom requires troops with bronze/silver/gold elite levels, which Kafka confirmed to be a bug. CyberZ brought up an entirely different topic afterwards, weapon upgrades and ingot offers. Those have been confirmed to work as intended in the past. The technical explanation given was that the game is unable to analyze your inventory when generating offers, it can only decide based on which power tasks are currently open.

Summing it up:

1.) The game sees that you have a task open that requires bronze/silver/gold elite levels. No amount of extra troops will help you to get there, so offering them in this situation is considered a bug.
2.) The game sees that you have a task open that requires upgrading weapons. Ingots may possibly help you to get there, so offering them in this situation is considered okay.

Inventory analysis would allow the second situation to be treated better but this was deemed impossible to add due to server performance constraints.

Edit: Observant players will have noticed that the game is able to offer you exactly the pets you are missing out on whenever a power task requires them, not just any random ones. I’d really love to learn how that fits into the explanations we’ve been given. :smirk:


Good catch.
I didn’t bother to scroll up and forgot about the original OP. Will edit my comment appropriately.

Word to others. Don’t piggy back on others bug reports and then be surprised that the devs ignore you. If you want the devs to acknowledge your bug. Do a bug report of your own @CyberZ because from what I can remember from your post. It sounds like a bug. But it has absolutely nothing to do with the bug that the OP is reporting.


Except that the title of the thread is “Inappropriate Daily Deals Offers,” which the ingots-instead-of-weapons IS just as much as cards being offered instead of medals is :man_shrugging:

They’re caused by exactly the same short-sighted implementation, even if each would require a separate fix (if, as Fourdot suggests, each type of offer is coded on its own logic, which is why pet offers would be able to check for inventory, but other offers wouldn’t. If that’s right, the solution would be to make all offers work like pet offers do: when you need to medal troops, the game would check your available [not gold-elite] cards and offer medal(s) appropriate for their rarit(ies); when weapons need upgraded, the game would either 1–allow the purchase of a missing weapons [would need to be coded into the game] or 2–check to see what any un-upgraded weapon needs for the upgrade, and offer that [thus giving the “additional ways to acquire forge scrolls” long-promised but never-delivered; I’m not sure there’s any offers as egregiously broken, but I’m sure the same logic could be applied to them if there are).


Ahhhh. I missed that. Sorry. I thought @CyberZ was referring to the issue in the OP. Whoops. Edited my above comment.

Agreed here. It’s fine to have some back and forth in a bug report. But, I wouldn’t expect a dev to respond to another bug brought up in a comment after the devs already replied that the original bug report is in fact a bug. @CyberZ, I suggest making a new bug report, basically with exactly what you provided here, and then linking back to this post where the devs say that yep this is a bug. So, hopefully, they’ll tag the weapons issue as a bug as well. :crossed_fingers:


… I’ll be back later after I check the rule book on what the title of the thread has to do with the OP or the bug report.

I literally only try to mention the actual topic in my titles for my peers… because the search and find here is really shitty.

As I’ve already said…Cyberz is getting an actual bugged offer… “inappropriate offers” would be like me getting crafting resources or chaos shards that I don’t need or want.

The devs finally chose the right side of history and agreed that the troop offer is a bug as well.
We should be rejoicing instead of finding new ways to argue on the forums. :roll_eyes:

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