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Why do I keep getting irrelevant Daily Deals?

Ok, I am an end game player so have tons of souls/diamonds/jewels/ingots/chaos shards.
Yet most of the Daily Deals have mostly been offering these every single day so far, occasionally ones for deeds which are relevant to me.

Not been offered a single pet deal so far. I know that I won’t be offered these for Faction/cosmetic pets but there are still some ‘normal’ pets that I need more copies of to get to level 20.

Maybe the RNG hates me or the algorithm that decides on daily deals is a bit wonky? :confused:


Funny enough I see pets all the time. No complaints here from me.

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I’ve been offered pets quite a bit, but only the +1 offer. The offer with +3 pets for 150 gems appears much less frequently.

However, what I don’t see offered to me is the class exp. Not that I would ever spend gems on that, but my point is RNG.

As far as I can tell its due to Kingdom progression.

I kept getting Knight Class XP offered to me, which I needed it to 80 as my next potential upgrade for Swords Edge, even if you cant get it to 19 due to cap on troops. But as that was achievable, it kept offering me that as I hadnt done it yet.

My guess is, that it gives offers based on what you need to upgrade a kingdom, if its possible, like pets or ingots or class XP, and failing that will start to give the other offers, like crafting, delves and deeds.

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Every day I get some combination of medals, crafting supplies, chaos shards, or copies of Trihorn. The only thing I’d buy is an imperial deed, but I’ve yet to have one offered to me.

I bought 10 levels of Knight XP lol

0 regrets.

This is correct. The game looks only at what is currently needed for kingdoms to reach their next power star.

For a pet to be possible to be offered:

  • The kingdom MUST need a pet upgrade to reach its next (and ONLY next) power star (such as 13 and 17). <— This right here will stop most pets from being offered in Daily Deals.


Is the kingdom at any post-10 star level that isn’t 12 or 16? Then, it doesn’t need a pet to reach level 20 to reach the direct next power star, so no pets will be offered until the player is at the correct power star level to require a pet upgrade.

  • The requirement for the pet upgrade MUST not yet be completed for that power star.

  • There MUST be an available, non-faction, non-cosmetic pet that has been released which would fulfill that power star requirement (currently available for all kingdoms at 13, but only a few kingdoms at 17 at this point in time).

Unless a kingdom AND a the associated specific pet to that kingdom meets ALL of these requirements simultaneously, it will not be offered to players in a Daily Deal.


Note how the pet offer specifically calls out Power 13, which is a power star level that requires a pet upgrade. From the first picture, that requirement is not yet satisfied. Shortlong is a qualifying pet as it not a faction pet or a cosmetic pet. Therefore, the requirements are met for a pet offer to be issued to the player.

EDIT: Added pictures to assist in explaining the situation.


In theory then, if you do not upgrade 1 of your pets to 20, and its needed for 13, you could get offers for all pets that fit for that kingdom.

Correct. But you wouldn’t receive the pet offer at all until that kingdom reached Power 12, where the pet upgrade would then become required for that kingdom’s next star. And it would only work for specific qualifying pets associated with that kingdom only.

In theory, you could do this for all the kingdoms going forward. But, that would require the patience of a saint waiting for all of the right pet offers to roll around many times over.

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yeah personally I couldnt be bothered doing it, but kudos to whoever does lol

I also am not a beta tester, and was able to work it out.

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Thank you <3

puts gold star on fridge

And this is why I took the time to write and format an explanation on the matter.

And for the record:

1 - There’s an open discussion thread where the playerbase worked on figuring out the system.

2 - There was no beta test for 4.9. So, no, the beta test team didn’t have advance knowledge of how the Daily Deal system worked. If you read the discussion thread, there are a number of us trying to work out the system with other players once it went live.

3 - Ask any beta tester that posts here and they will ALL tell you that the beta update notes given to testers are FAR less complete than what is published in the official update notes. So, no, there is no super secret “insider” information that beta testers have that the general public doesn’t know if they read either the official update notes or after no more than an hour of gameplay in a new update once released.

And with that, I wish you a good day/evening and hope you make the most of the explanation I put together for you.


The majority of upgrades offered are as stated an absolute yawn- even if they are supposedly customised- the majority are actually a snub to most players -useless- if they actually made a really significant difference you would probably get a weighty investment in them- keep offering genuinely bootlessness stuff and you will keep getting zilch wallet openings

I thought the punchline was going to be, “Ultimately no deals sell relevant progress for reasonable amounts.”

Yay, thanks you daily deals. Gitania at mythic and stormheim at level 18. Now if you could be so kind as to give me copies of the four troops I need to mythic, that’s be great.

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I inadvertently did it. I didn’t bother leveling any pets to 20 unless they were needed for Kingdom power, so I had several Mythic ascended pets at level 10. Then I kept getting offers for pets I didn’t need any more copies of and got tired of them, so I just leveled them up.

I never thought about using it to my advantage to try to get offers for the rarer pets from those kingdoms. I still have several Kingdoms that are below level 13, and level 10 Mythic pets. I’ll have tough it out next time and see.

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