Daily Deals need to be looked at

Of the remaining tasks i have to level up kingdoms i have:

13 requiring the upgrade of a pet
3 requiring a kingdom to be levelled to 18
1 requiring a troop to be levelled to 20 (the troop is not available yet until next week

All others are “not yet available”

So can one of the devs explain why i am not getting ANY pet offers whatsoever in my daily deals?? It has been months since I’ve had one. All i seem to get are garbage offers such as crafting treasure options which i already have thousands of.


Dumb question. How many of these involve a pet that can be found from a typical pet rescue? Pets not from a delve or a special event?

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So today i was given an offer to help Maugrim Woods reach power level 27 (i need deeds to do this). So what does the game offer me? An offer that has 10,000 gold and one event key. Thats whats dumb

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I was just reminded about this thread last night. Today, I got an offer to help raise Darkstone to 27 I believe. For that. I’m short troops which don’t currently exist, a level 20 pet (only pets I don’t have maxed here are cosmetic, so it can’t help me here) and kingdom levels (I doubt they’ll be offering books of deeds any time soon in daily deals).

Meanwhile, guildmates are getting offers for Alex, which I desperately need for Leonis’s power level. My offers last night: Deed of Fire and Ultra-Rare Medal. Nothing to raise a kingdom power level.