Mythic Pets and kingdom levels - who’s bright idea

Devs - Please fix the pointless/moronic requirement to upgrade a pet to mythic, to get a kingdom higher than level 12. I’ve stopped caring about upgrading kingdoms and after years of playing, I’m thinking of quitting. I have an active guild that communicates but rarely does anyone get a pet gnome. This means you have to waste a crap ton of gems to buy pets every Wednesday. It costs a f-ing fortune and even playing the pet battles only gives you 1 or 2 pets. So it’s near impossible to get enough pets to upgrade to mythic.

It doesn’t count and takes away the EXTREMELY rare chance of spending a fortune to buy Wednesday pets. It’s unbelievably frustrating and needs to be changed before more people quit over this.

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First, cosmetic pets do count for kingdom power. They’re just harder to collect.

Second, Pet Gnomes are PvP only, so how active is your guild on that front?

Finally, your tone is quite hostile, I suggest editing your post.

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When I say it doesn’t count I mean if one is trying to get mythics, it will take an extra week or two (depending on how many cosmetic pets there are in a month) to get around to collecting one that has a chance of upgrading.

And I have a very active guild. Say it’s 8 games per 1 pet and we need 20 to upgrade one pet. There needs to be another way to level up kingdoms that do not depend on a mythic leveled pet. It’s a terrible design/idea.

Thank you for editing your post.

Cosmetic pets can be made mythic. The only benefit to this is kingdom power requirements, unfortunately.

Personally, I play on pc/mobile, not sure what platform you’re on, but I’ve got notifications enabled for pet rescue. I’ve seen about a 50% increase in pet rescue visibility from that.

Wait, it’s possible to get notifications for pet rescues? Really?

Or do you mean your guildmates notify you thru discord?

Edit: just looked and found that option.
THANK YOU!!! You’re my favorite forum poster now! (At least this week!)

Just between you and me, sometimes I beat them to making the discord notification because of it.