GoWDB: Traitstone page added

Copied from gowdb.com :

I’ve added a page that collects the troops using each Arcane Traitstone into a single, flat page, which might make it easier for people to track which troops use which Traitstones. It can be found at:

As always, please contact me at @Lyya on the forums or via ashenbloom@gmail.com with feedback.



Love it, thanks so much @Lyya for everything you do for this community.

That’s very useful. Thanks Lyya. :slight_smile:

Nice. Also i love that it still retains the old traitstones icons/crests. Nothing wrong with the new ones, but i still like the vintage ones. :slightly_smiling_face:


That is absolutely fantastic!
Thank you very much for your work

This is soooo nice to look at. If you really wanted to polish it, possibly a couple different ways to sort the list (current + A-Z + anything else we think of).

Oh, how about a total number value for each? Just tossing out ideas here.


Well done @Lyya

Very helpful inded! Thank you @Lyya :heart:


The page looks great and is going to be a very helpful reference. Thank you @Lyya!!!

Ha, I was about to email exactly this as a suggestion, thanks!