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GoWDB: Pet table

Hi everyone,

I’m starting to put together a pet table for GoWDB. I might add individual pet pages eventually, but there’s so little data associated with one pet that the effort of creating these pages might not be worth it.

The pet page isn’t linked yet, but please take a look and let me know what data might make this more useful to you.





Looks great.
Is the tool for general information or to track your own pets?
If the second then level/number would be useful, as would food required for next ascension(s) or perhaps like you have done for traitstones with total remaining

This is just a general information page. I would like to eventually revamp the collections page to include information such as your pet ownership and level, but that’ll have to wait until I get back from vacation.

If its just general info instead of personalized, I’d say its good as is.

I think any pet table named pettable needs one more column called pettable.

Inherent pettablility matters. Would you pet Eyelet? I would say no. Hellpuppy? Maybe? Itty Bitty Yeti. Definitely.


thank you Lyya your awesome