GoW DB: Leaderboards and Menu Organization

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Leaderboards and Menu Organization

I’ve made a small update to the site to reoganize the non-essential “toy” pages of the site under its own heading, “Extras.” Of the currently-linked pages, this includes only the Quiz page.

I’m taking this opportunity to officially introduce the Ascension Leaderboard! This page is way to “compete” (just for fun) with other players as to who has the most troops fully-ascended and leveled to 20. Though it’s seen quite some use from players on the official forums, it will be easier to find now that it is linked in the nav bar (under the aforementioned “Extras” heading.

In addition, I’ve added another leaderboard, the Hero Level Leaderboard. This functions similarly to the ascension leaderboard but instead tracks the player with the top hero level. This page, too, is linked via the “Extras” heading in the nav bar.

To participate in any of the leaderboards, you will need to opt in via your Account page. Only one opt-in is required to participate in any of the leaderboards.

As always, please leave me feedback at ashenbloom@gmail.com, or via @Lyya on the official forums, if you have ideas that could improve the site.



Thanks as always! Can’t wait to see the hero level leaderboard fill out. Have a couple of guildmates way up there in level, and want to see where they line up.

I don’t have any feedback, thanks.

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Very nice as always!

The Ascension leaderboards will be 50 people all maxed out once crafting comes though. :stuck_out_tongue:

PSA: visit your collection page in order for the leaderboards to update and add your name if appropriate (i.e. for the new level leaderboard that is relatively empty at the time of writing).

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The above works if you’ve already enabled permission to be on the Mythic leaderboard. If not, you’ll need to go into your account profile and enable the permission (applies for both leaderboards).

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Sweet! I’m number 16 on the Hero Level Leaderboard. I will now fall rapidly, never to be seen again. Just like the PVP leaderboard right after reset.

Thanks for all your work, Lyya. I use your site several times a week. It’s incredibly helpful and adds significantly to my enjoyment of the game.



Everything you do is great, Lyya! Can’t wait to have a squiz at the leaderboards.


Want to thank you @Lyya for your awesome work, It really has helped the “grind” for sure. And thanks to you, all this info and your amazing website, btw love the new leaderboards! Cool idea as well! I appreciate it all!

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