GoWDB: Pet and Weapons leaderboards


Hello everyone,

I’ve added two new leaderboards at the request of the community. The pet leaderboard (Xbox, PS4) tracks who has the most max-level pets, and the weapons leaderboard (Xbox, PS4) tracks who has the most fully-traited weapons. Please let me know if there are other columns you might like to see in the tables and I can see if I have the data needed to add them. Enjoy!

Keep in mind that the leaders only reflect people who have visited my site since I started tracking weapons and pets per user. To get yourself on the boards, please visit your My Collection page.



Oh great that dot in front gets me higher :smiley:

Thanks @Lyya btw (:


Everyone go visit their Collections! I need to see the fully updated leaderboards! :smiley:

This is awesome @lyya, thank you!


Now updated. :wink:


Thanks for this @Lyya it will be interesting to see who the first person is to max out all weapons.

I finally made it onto one of the leaderboards

I’m not doing well on pets


Ooh, 552 on weapons. Noice! (Not a typo, that’s how its pronounced!)

Now I seem to be missing three weapons… I see five in-game. Two are class weapons I haven’t unlocked…

When/what did I miss here…


Except 2 class weapons, the only one you’re missing is Daemon’s Leash, the glory weapon from Dhrak-Zum’s event week. The other two legendary are future Raid/Invasion weapons.


Great Job - again!

Can you extend the rankings to Top 100 or even more?


I can, but last time I asked, people told me that “top 50” carries more prestige than “top 100.” I’ll throw a quick poll in here.

  • Top 50 is fine!
  • Top 100 please!
  • Even more ZOMG!

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This makes me laugh. I guess that extra 1% had to go somewhere.



Now you know, which is the forums fav! :grin:


@Lyya do you also have the data required to create a leader-board for total Hero Class levels?


Hi Lyya,

I was trying to click on the check-boxes for the weapons I have, but I get the “save failed” error message for each. I’d logged out of the db, cleaned my browser cache/cookies, restarted machine and re-logged in and it still happens. Is there anything else I can try?

See screenshot sample:



I’ll take a look today and let you know.



Was that a glory thing or a money thing? I forget…


Glory, or it was at the time anyways. I have it on my completely free to play account.


Well. Now I get to wait for that to be available through other means like everyone else who missed things. Hooray.


Hey, in the meantime 3 out of 4 want more than Top 50 :slightly_smiling_face:

I think most of us are trying to optimize our Kingdoms since we startet our Gems trip, so two ideas for new leaderboards:

  1. Kingdoms: Sum (or average) of kingdom stars
  2. Undworld: Sum of Renown


I discovered today that my user collection table has four million rows. I suppose I can shove more stuff into it; what could possibly go wrong?


Quite a few people will be tied on the kingdom star leaderboars im afraid
Renown on the other hand would be an interesting addition