GoWDB: Pet and Weapons leaderboards


Here is a Underworld Renown Leaderboard!


As usual, this will only update as people check their collections or leaderboards.


you’re the best as always! :heart_eyes:


Ooh, I’m on this one. Sweetness.

And I flunked my last delve too lol. Something about bringing a skull team vs a tangle team …


As always - great and so fast - thank you @Lyya!


how about Hero Class Champion levels?


Maaaaaaaaybe. I already think the number of leaderboards is getting out of hand. I need to deliberate on this for a bit.


im in favor of them only since its one of the useless things ive spent my time getting xD


I’ve been having some weird stuff happening again.

Now all of my Troops, and Classes, are unchecked (no checkmark).
Yet my few Pets I have, and Weapons – these recent additions to the database – are checked in the checkbox.

Edited to add: These troop kingdom names have errors, too:




Yikes, those look like script errors to me. I’ll take a look. Have you tried clearing your browser cache?


Yes, I did the following in both Firefox and Safari (I usually do these things first when encountering any problems):

  1. Cleared the cache
  2. Cleared the site cookies
  3. Signed out of the site
  4. Restarted browsers
  5. Signed back in

The problems still persist.

I’m in the process of re-selecting the troops back to how they were, so that I can sort them.

Edited to add: There are several other troops I’ve found so far that have that script error too.


Ok, fixed the Sin of Maraj troops, they should be showing normally for you.

I’m not able to reproduce the tracked troop failures to persist. I’ll keep looking for the root of that issue.



I’ve selected all my assets, except for the ‘Morthani’s Scythe’. Every time I try to checkbox that one, saving fails.
I just happen to be using that weapon for my Hero. Could my having that weapon ‘in use’ have something to do with the save failure? I have no idea why this happens with only that asset and no others.


Another question. Are the Traitstone images for the Troops on the table, gone now? I no longer see them for any of my troops (and I know I didn’t trait them all :slight_smile: ). I just see the numbers.
I see the Ingots and Pet Food graphics in the table though.

No Traitstone images:


Thanks again for your help!


I will investigate. Thanks for the additional information.


Thank you, Lyya.

That Morthani’s Scythe puzzle is nagging at me. It may be just a coincidence, but… :slight_smile:
I’ll keep checking on my end as well whenever I log back in, and let you know if anything changes.


Hah, I found and fixed the issue with the weapon. (In case you care, it’s because the code that saves troop information to the DB chokes if it sees more than 3 traits in an async update – which was fine for troops and classes but not weapons, since those can have 10). It should now be fixed, let me know if it still happens for you.

I’m not sure about the missing traitstones though. I’ll have to keep digging for a repro, as it doesn’t happen for me. If you’re tech-savvy, I’d ask for any errors reported to the JavaScript console in your browser; since these errors are potentially happening browser-side, I don’t get any logs I can check for what might be wrong.


Wow! Now that was quick, LOL! :smile:

All my other weapons were selected fine, so I’d thought maybe it was something specific regarding that Scythe. So, I guess it was a coincidence after all! Good, because I love using that weapon. :slight_smile:

That works perfectly now. Thank you!

I figured the Traitstones issue may be a while. I wouldn’t even know where to start in reproducing that. I hadn’t fiddled at all with the database before logging in for the day, and everything as fine last night.
So odd. Why are the ingots and pet food there, but yet not the Traitstones? Hmmmm… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I will try my usual troubleshooting list again with both browsers and report back here.


Thx @Lyya!


Hey Lyya,

I got them back now!

Weird thing. In that Traitstones list on the right, I had to select that ‘Count hidden troops’ checkbox to make the numbers show in read again (like what happened a few days ago). Then, when I refreshed the page, it was fine, and… the Traitstones in the table rows, came back too!

Gosh, this is so weird, but anyway, they are back, for now. :slight_smile:



Right! Nothing to see here, move along.


Now in PC/Mobile. :sunglasses:


Also, Lyya, I want to thank you for doing such an awesome job maintaining the site and keeping everything up to date! While I mainly use your site to get data on troops, and rarely use the Collection and Leaderboard sections, I appreciate you keep adding new stuffs for all players to enjoy! ^^