Has anyone caught all 37 pets?


please show me your amazing pet team. what an incredible achievement it would be. :heart_eyes:


Took awhile, but the last one finally showed up this morning. Nice way to start the day. Five of us (that I know of so far) have complete collections now. Go Thieves!!

I got 99 problems...but having all the pets ain't one

While thief @Rickygervais slept through the two he needed, and I was stuck at work.


Quite ironic that it’s console players who are first to get all the pets.

I believed tha they will have less opportunities to catch pets than Mobile players but I guess I was wrong :wink: .


:disappointed: Hopefully they show up again today. Seems like we get the same few repeated all day.


I catched minitaur with 1 min left i had to buy him. Only missing mush now but it can take awhile to show up again


We’re well organized theives.

Xbox notifications help, you can get them on mobile, pc, and xbox. We’ve one chat thread where we just post pet name.
Also use phone app Line that has cute awesome stickers unlike stupid discord.
And we save gnomes and use in game chat to pop them.


I don’t know what it is. Console (Xbox specifically) sometimes tends to have more competitive players. Look at the crazy prices on X1 to get 1st place for these events.

Yes I do play games on all platforms.


You are right, xbox still got the biggest pvp score ever accross all platform and catching up pc trophy slowly :slight_smile:


How I envy you! :star_struck:
I’m still need 8 unique pet for accomplishing this goal. :persevere:


It’s bittersweet, it was exciting finding new ones every day. Enjoy the hunting while it lasts!!! Good luck :blush:


Myself and a few others have 34/36 in Intrim.

The last two proving elusive.


We at Hoguns are missing just one. Rocki is eluding us despite our Paladins finding it three times last week. We’all find it sooner or later no doubt.


Make that 35 :slight_smile:

Come on Mini Moa!!!


mini moa is on hold :innocent:



Come on Mini Moa!


That is most likely casual PVP from the looks of it.


very first casual left side battle that came up:


Saluki you are very Lucky.

I refresh more than 1000 times this week and got barely nothing below 4900(5 team at most)


Krystara’s Keepers managed to get all the pets just now. Manticub was the last one we were waiting for, and finally I collected them all. :slight_smile: