GoW: ToDo Monitor

Hi all,

I create an application to have an overview of my progress. Most of us should have a spreasheet to do that but this solution is quite limited and can be slow if you put some crazy formula.
This application is for PC only, I cannot do any version for iOS or Android.

It is based on your progress so you will need to enter all your data the first time only (you can save :wink: ).
So what you can do with it (for one kingdom or all kingdoms):

  • know the souls required to level up all your troops/Hero’s classes
  • know the traitstones required for the unlocked traits
  • know the troops requiring a specific traitstone
  • know what you require to level up a kingdom to 5-stars and which traits are the most easier to unlock
  • know the stats of the troops before leveling them

This application and its contents was also suggered thanks to the feedbacks of mainly @KAYA43V3R , the Rainmaker’s guild and the Match Masters’ one. Thanks to them for their feedbacks ;-).

Now how it works:

  1. Download it here: http://www.megafileupload.com/3s88w/GoWToDov2.2e.zip
  2. Unzip it (extract it, password: GoW)
    Optional) If you have already used a previous version of this application, you can copy/paste your configGoW.xml file.
  3. Launch it (GoWToDo.exe)
  4. Then, you have to find the “Gems of War” folder in the Steam files. If you don’t find, try to search it with the file explorer. You have to select the main folder so the one named “Gems of War”.
  5. You have to wait because all the pictures are resized/copied on the application folder. The other launches should be more faster afterwards. Normally, you should have something like that:
  6. You have to fill the left panel according to your troops level/traits/rarity. If you don’t have one troop, you just have to put his level to 0. And if you want, you can also fill the right panel with the traitstones that you currently have. I recommend to do it only before using the ToDo features (see below). There are also two entries in the .xml file that you can modify and can make this easier: BaseLevel (if 0 then all the new troops will be level 0) and InitialRarityMythic, if value=“true” then all the new troops will be mythic else base rarity.
  7. Save (top right button).
  8. And that’s all.

What you can do now (I will not described the obvious features):

  • by passing the cursor on a locked trait, you will see the cost of it. If you pass on the 3rd trait and you didn’t unlock the 2nd trait, you will see the sum of the requirements of both traits.
  • click on one traitstone will show all the troops requiring this traitstone and all the kingdoms giving it.
  • if your cursor is on one traitstone, its name will appear and in which kingdom it can drop.
  • there is some filter for the traitstone (bottom right) according to the base rarity of the troops. ArcaneCheap is one special filter that I use: you can see the arcane required by Commom/Rare/Ultra-Rare troops only.
  • when you change to a specific kingdom, a new button appeared. I use this one when a Xth troop is available to know which traits I have to do to maximize this kingdom.


  • click in one kingdom to display its troops (the top-left one is the Hero’s classes)
  • click on a star in the table (1st row) at the top and you will which kingdoms can attain this number of stars but that you didn’t reach yet
  • click on a number in the table (2nd row) at the top and you will which kingdoms are actually at this number of stars
  • click on the map somewhere whith no shield to reset the map
  • the map size can be modified in the configGoW.xml file: scaleMap

ToDo feature:

  • you should have fill the traitstones on the right panel before using this feature.
  • firstly, you have to choose between ascend your troops or not if you have some troops not ascended. Generally, you should said “no”. But, if you are near to ascend all your troops in this kingdom, you can try “yes”.
  • now, a new window opens with the number of souls required (if you say no, it’s the soul required to level up your troops to their max level which can be different of 20) and also, the traits required with the list of all unlocked traits.
  • in green, you have the traits that you can do and in red the ones that you cannot do with the specific missing traitstones.
  • if you check one trait, the traitstones for this trait are “used” and you can continue to check other traits.
  • with that, you can normally plan which way is the better to maximize your kingdom.
  • the list of traits is sorted according to the sum of TS you require for each trait. I put weights for every TS rarity: for example, the major TS are abundant so you want to put a small weight and the opposite for arcane/celestial. You will find these weights in the config file. There are two values for each rarities: “Not” one is when you require this TS like the example above. And the other one is used when you have it. For example, you have enough arcane for one trait but maybe you will prefer to keep them so you can put a high weight to the arcane value.

Maybe one day, all these features will be included in the game. But, for now, you may use this application and give me some feedbacks to improve it ;-).


Not sure if april fools joke or real but i am too lazy to use it to find out.

It’s real. We at Match Masters as well as Rainmaker have been beta testers for this. An awesome application and great work by @turintuor.

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Yeah, it is real. People in MM and RM have been using it for months. He was waiting until he took it out of “beta” before releasing it to the public.

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this might be handy, but i never ever start an .exe file that is not fram a trusted source due to addware, trojans and other stuff that could infect my laptop/ network and last but not least my mood.

@schralenbef1 It is everyones choice if they download it or not.

I personally use the app from the beginning and it helped me a lot to plan farming of the traitstones needed to level Zhul Kari for +2 magic. It is always nice to see which troops need the Arcane stone from actual week bundle. And it is also nice to see my personal progress.
For example, I know that I still need 527 330 souls to level everything to max level :slight_smile:
Great job @Turintuor


Found a little bug: I misclicked the rarity on one of my troop from “Mythic” to “Legendary” and then corrected it to “Epic”. But the Mythic Counter went down by 2.

Also the Mythic Counter doesn’t decrease when I select a troop as missing in my collection.

Aside from that, this tool is very helpful. Thanks.

EDIT: Forget what I said. The Mythic Counter resets to the correct value once you use a filter.

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Check and find the bug.
Check the source code… “What?! I really wrote that!”…
Correct it.

I will upload a next version when more feedbacks/bugs will be added/corrected ;-).

Thanks @CSZ.


It’s legit, was being tested for a while now. I haven’t used it myself but that’s only because my own To-Do list is only a few things.

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Shame that the game doesn’t have an “export” feature to put all your troops into a data file that this could read without requiring manual entry.


I have my own set-up that does similar things. But, it is done with a spreadsheet (Main) with linked sheets that do the things mentioned above. Not ready for Beta testing yet because there is missing trait information for the Hero’s and all 1.0.9 changes need checking and some additional programming to be done in the engine room!

Not taking anything away from @turintuor, from the comments, I am sure he has done a good job. I will download it and be pleased to pass on any feedback if necessary.

Taking into account original troop rarity, fully leveling all 181 troops will cost 1000210 souls. I ‘only’ need 474400 souls to finish leveling them all. In addition, I have 4 out of 7 hero’s at level 20 at a cost of 16400 souls out of a total 28700.

Totally agree @Rasper. All I would need is name of the troop, Its level and how many traits it already has. It’s a real pain going backwards and forwards from the game to the spreadsheet using the Windows button to switch screens.

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Been using this for a while now. It’s great and @turintuor is awesome!

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I tried to download this file but it is not in English, is there an English version by chance?

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My earlier figures were not correct. My bad. Now fixed. Double checked all troops in the GoW program running via Steam on a PC.

Troops>Crafting>Disenchant for each individual troop to confirm the Base Rarity. Data into Spreadsheet. Chugged numbers. Out came a different figure. Total Souls for my 181 Troops = 1005255. In the @turintuor program I raised all Hero’s to L20 to find the figure of 1012545 Souls for the remaining 181 troops. No quick and easy way to do it with one click. Had a Brown-Out while checking as well but I digress.

Having found my error I was hoping to inform you that the ToDo Monitor is accurate. Eat humble pie and congratulate on a snappy useful little program. It is useful - there is a need. A big thank-you from me as it pushed me to compare and improve the checking of my own spreadsheet version (not in Beta).

Please don’t take my comments as negative or personal. You have done a great job @turintuor and helped a lot of players. As I want to do also. I like the game and want to give back too.


English and French on Welcome Screen please. Or, English version and French Version.
Half the window is being used. Can you just use the left half and expand it for old, short-sighted grumpies like me.
Please include more instructions and a Key for all those icons.

It would be very nice for me if you would confirm your or my soul figures and how you got yours. Apologies for long post!

KISS KISS everyone. Meaning I REALLY want to: Keep It Sweet and Simple when commenting in the forum. :grin:

Thanks for the comments.

The main advantage of ths application is that it’s based on some game files and because of that it will always up-to-date.
For example, when the two last kingdoms were released, they were automatically added to the application.
And, this application also aimed to monitor the traits locked/unlocked.

You can modify some values in the configGoW.xml file: widthCell and nbColumn.
I will update the first topic to talk about that.
Two examples:

  1. I want to fill the application data with the game aside: widthCell=70 and nbColumn=6

  2. I already fill the data, now I want a fullscreen application: widthCell=120 and nbColumn=12

I’m also french :stuck_out_tongue: . But I think the instructions are not so difficult to understand, no?
Can you please tell me which parts seem to you difficult to understand?

The soul required is computed from the levels of the troops and values that you can find in the .xml file (SoulCommon, SoulRare, etc. ). Normally, the values are the good ones. But it can have some mistakes.

P.S.: you can PM me in english or in french if it’s easier for you ;-).

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I know that it might be a waste of time but could someone make a video tutorial for this application and link it. it might not get many views on youtube or it might get many views and bring more people to gems of war but i am more of a visual person when it comes to learning something so please video tutorial please?

They used the same excuse when caught watching prawn…

I’m not a specialist a video capture and I haven’t aYoutube account…
Moreover, it will also depend of the number of players interested by this application (for the moment 6 likes).
And also, depend of the devs’ feedbacks.

But what parts of this application are difficult to understand?

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I don’t know what best to do here/