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GoW Let's Play #13: One Shot Soul Farming

Hello everyone! Today I show a team that use to be extremely popular in this game that still works excellently for early game soul farming. It is arguably one of the best early game soul farming teams if you can obtain all of the cards.



Flesh Golem if you don’t have Keeper of Souls as a substitute? Can provide mana (PC/Mobile only) and has Necromancy too…

Flesh Golem

I used to run Valk/Alchemist/Druid/Banshee back when the game first came out. For the time it was a filthy lineup; I could beat anypony with that team. The fact that, back then, I could change skulls into mana with the former two, meant I could loop and fill my resources up.

Treant/Alchemist/Valk/Banshee is still a good lineup, especially if you get Treant’s 3rd trait.

TAVB is highly susceptible to Frozen or teams with a fully-traited Mab, as I found out last night. All it takes is one unlucky drop and your looping pattern grinds to a halt.

Unlucky drops can cause problems for many other teams as well. TAVB has helped me perfectly the first 120 levels or so, and bringing much needed resources as well. Only problem is the matches usually took too long. But in terms of synergy and board control it’s still an awesome combo.

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