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Powerful beginning "Loop" team assistance

So I have a friend who is below level 30 trying to make an impact on PVP and his troops are limited.
He has very few epics (if any) and no legendaries.
I remember using a loop team when I started out but do not remember who was in it so I am looking for some assistance from the community to assist with building a decent low level team.

He does have Alchemest, Giant Spider, Valkyrie, and Banshee and I think that this is part of the loop but again and unsure. Thanks for your assistance,



The main problem with a Giant Spider build that early is he needs to level and start upgrading 5 cards instead of 4 due to how the summon level cap works now.


Ba-lch-kyrie with Naga Queen instead of Treant is very good too

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Queen is unavailable to him right now

Treant makes an excellent tank once he’s fully traited, but at that low a level you shouldn’t be thinking about traits yet. Any blue/green troop will do really as long as he’s in front. Druid or Winter Knight are both worth using if you have one.

I was running
Hero (Crude Club) Warlord

But it wasn’t super consistent, sometimes it loops, sometimes not. Still a solid team.

Yeah, Its not looping because you’re blocking Red. Remove the Red club,

You want preferably Blue or green, (Or even Blue/Green) in front acting as a Tank + Damage.

AVOID Red, Yellow, and Purple in the top slot.

Not really, you only need 4 mana for crude club, banshee will fill alchemist and club just fine.

Good soul farming teams listed here.

What about a looping map farming team?

I find treasure maps to be a really good source of resources at my low level (30).

Treant is really fragile when he’s not traited. I used him a lot during the early levels and I’d always stick him in the second slot, so he’d have a chance to cast a couple times and beef himself up before doing any tanking; he’d die too fast in the top slot.

As for map farming teams:



Jarl Firemantle

are two that I use.

one of my kids was doing gob shaman, goblin, gob rocket, and druid. (his level is 50 i think)

for maps at low levels - something like gob shaman, valk, tyri, something with area of effect. you can get war and peace pre lvl 35 by doing 1 adana quest and all the khezil quests