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My 2.1.5 Soul Farming (and traitstone) Team

Edit: I play PC mobile!

I like a little chaos in my game play. Those games where it’s a one turn win and super fast are the ones that keep me going when doing some boring farming. Of course, there is a down side. Sometimes you can get a little mana stalled and things go a little slower. Some people like consistency, but when it comes to dull tasks, I don’t.

I’ve been using the following after the necromancy trait shuffle;

Abyssal Banner
Dragon Soul (doesn’t NEED traited)
Banshee (Need one trait, nice to have two for Jinx on enemy troops)
Flesh Golem (Need one trait)
Aziris (Need two traits)

Any combination of three casts of either Dragon Soul or Banshee fills your souls.
If you need more on an ending kill choose Banshee, if you have a choice, as she gets more souls.

With Magic Link on Banshee and Aziris, you prioritize purple, then red, then yellow (for Banshee).
Edit: Almost never take skulls. You will finish the battle before filling souls.

Flesh Golem and Aziris provide two Necromancy traits.

Team Bonuses include; Maester of Magic - +25 Magic Mastery for 4 purple troops. Lord of Blood - +1 Life and +1 Armor for having 2 unique Ghulvania troops. Undead Captain - All troops gain +1 Magic for 3 unique Undead troops.

Banshee is a relatively heavy one shot, so you use it to whittle down that one high defense troop so that Dragon Soul can finish it off with the rest of them. Plus, the blue to red conversion feeds Dragon Soul.

You will rarely use Flesh Golem, but the extra mana generation can increase speed occasionally.

You will rarely use Aziris, but Dragon Soul’s attack is more damage than it’s AOE cast and Aziris can be used occasionally to finish off that last troop or continue a combo.

I also traitstone farm with this on normal to grab some extra souls on top of the stones I’m looking for. With my bonuses I can get 220 souls per match pretty easily.

If nothing else, this team is a break from the other soul farming teams.

Have fun!

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Mine is lava ele, valk, flesh goly, behemoth for souls. My def team for quik traitstones tho. Not sharin that 1 :slight_smile: ps4 btw so i think valk no longer hs ncro on pc? Lava ele is awesome vs non impervious and fireproof.

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Yep, I play PC/Mobile. Edited original post to say that.

And yes, Valkyrie doesn’t have Necromancy anymore on PC/Mobile as of 2.1.5 which was around 10/25/2016.

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Mine is Archon/Soul Blade-Priest/Acolyte/Paladin

  • with my bonuses and armor I get 150 souls a round

Archon just is the brick that keeps on taking :smiling_imp:
And Paladin is there in case as a backup.

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thats almost my team!

i use another Aziris instead of flesh golem
moar purple :purple_heart: links :wink:

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That is a good variant! You only give up the team bonuses, which is a decent trade off. Casting the bottom two troops happens so rarely that they are really only there for their traits.