Trying to fully trait my Keeper of Souls

Can someone help me with the best way to get all of the necessary traitstones to fully trait Keeper of Souls…having such a hard time. Thanks.

Explore is the best way

Explore which kingdoms?

In Darkstone.

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The best way is to do Explores in the kingdoms that provide the Arcane Skull stones you’ll need. That would be from Darkstone.

It will still take quite a few battles to build up the stones from doing this but that is just part of the game. What you need to do to get your troops traited. Good luck.

Edit : didn’t type fast enough and got sniped :wink:

Farming in the place that you can Darkstone to get the runics and arcane traitstones you need

Traitstone Farming is a bit of annoyance, but I combine it with soul farming

What’s a good soul farming team then? I have keeper of souls but I do not have Death.

I have a few different ones

The one I am currently using is Archon Statue (any solid brick will do but it does need to have some attack capacity.)

Soul Blade (Divine /Priest Hero) (My primary attack)
Flesh Golem (he can do some pretty decent damage and feeds team mana) (Necromancy)

I have others but this is my favorite.

If you got dragon soul this is the best troop to farm soul

I don’t have dragon soul :confused:

I totally hear you. Hence why I made my soul farming with troops most folks can get and that I have.

I am still waiting on Bone Dragon, Dragon Soul, and about 30 other OP troops…

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What are the requirements to get Soul Blade?

Unlocks at Water and Air Mastery 40

Oh that’s a bit too to get to 20th level Priest as a hero I believe - Good catch

Do you have the following - this will work as well

Valkyrie/Banshee/Flesh Golem/Acolyte

Yes I have those. No traits on them though.

Nvm. My valk is fully traited and I was able to trait flesh golem for necromancy. And able to fully trait banshee :slight_smile:

A soul team you could use is

Crimson bat
Keeper of souls.

Dragon banner