Is there a way to improve this team?


Right now I run the following team:

Dragon Soul (Main soul generator that fills Giant Spider and Banshee)
Banshee** (Magic Link and clean-up)
Giant Spider* (Magic Link and backup if Dragon Soul does not loop)
Aziris*** (Magic Link and Necromancy)

Abyssal Banner

My goal is quickly and consistently farming souls. I chose these troops because a tripple Magic Link and the banner allow me to fill Dragon Soul in two purple matches, even without a Surge (consistency). Aziris is only there to help with this task and provide Necromancy.

Is there any way to improve this setup while keeping the overall idea intact?

Thanks in advance for any help. :slight_smile:

I use EK pharos valk KoS all full traits lion banner

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For your specific team you should consider replacing Banshee with Venbarak if you have him. He has Magic Link too and does significant AoE damage while also buffing Dragon Souls AoE a bit and gets fed by Giant Spider. You lose out on your backup soul generator with Banshee, but Dragon Soul should be able to produce more souls/time with the speed the team picks up.


That one (Venbarak) looks interesting. I don’t have him, but he looks pretty nice. Only problem I see is that he blocks blue for Giant Spider, but he would be worth a try if I ever pull him (or the crafting system comes out :slight_smile: )

Yeah good point, switching up their positions would make for a better manaflow.


Purely for soul farming in explore mode, I would swap Banshee for another Aziris. TDS and GS can tag team effectively enough to destroy any explore teams at low difficulty levels

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Yeah, that should yield more souls than my method, thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who helped me so far. Such a nice, helpful community. :smiley:


In a way you have two mana generators (TDS and giant spider).

I would try Warlock, Warlock, TDS, Warlock with abyssal banner…
That way you can get up to 100 souls in a fight.

You could even drop that last warlock out for kerberos for example, in case you ever have a tough enemy you want to devour.


Yeah if your just farming souls I would use three necromancers and a Soul collector, as there is about 12, use your filter to sort by trait.

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The problem I have with the WL/WL/TDS/WL combo (or Valk) is the lack of consistency. Without the Magic Links TDS can take forever to fill up. In the end the battle often takes much longer, even if you get more souls.

Right now, the TDS/GiantSpider/Aziris/Aziris team works absolutely great. 80 souls limit, tripple Magic Link and Giant Spider to fill TDS. Smooth and fast. :slight_smile:


Totally agree Harrah, I suggested it as I used that team myself to farm souls and traitstones. You need the magic links to get the loop going and finish the battle quickly which is worth more than a higher soul cap with a much slower team.

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For sure, run with what works.

I didn’t have TDS until this week, and I used to run Kerberos, Krystanex, valkyrie, warlock.
Valk filled up kryst, 2 casts of kryst killed enemies at warlord 2. That would net met about 234 souls total per battle.

What I’ve seen of TDS is that it can be much faster, as it fills it self up. But from quick testing that I’ve done, they played around the same speed. Kryst kills quicker, TDS fills much more (but kinda needs a pharos ra for some real soul farming).


Pharos is a gangsta!

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Yeah, I agree that there are certainly teams that work equally well. Personally I’d love to try some variation with Pharos’Ra. Only problem: I either need to have a lot more luck than I had until now or the crafting system needs to be launched (and be accessible for people like me). :smiley:

A lot lot lot lot lot more luck :wink:

What I noticed with TDS, is that he generates souls faster then he kills. Which in a way is a waste of time/souls. The kryst/valk team only goes to 80 souls max, but with my kingdoms at 10 and 5 stars (except silverglade), I hit 70-76 of 80 souls with 2 casts of valk, depending on whether the guild task gives +2 magic.

kryst/valk therefor “seems” more steady/quick (guaranteed win with 2 kryst casts), where as TDS is more fun in a hectic way, boom… there goes the screen again :slight_smile:

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Hehe. Yeah, I noticed that. There is something really satisfying about chaining TDS chasts. ::grin: